avenue Montagne Paris

Loved my week in Marrakech and happy to be back to Paris. First thing I do is call my daughter, India, to see if she is available for lunch...........She is!!!

I adored India's look for today. She threw together classic, modern, inexpensive and not inexpensive........the end result is a typical silhouette for a young modern Parisienne today.

Shirt: a classic oxford button down............Arthur & Fox

Jacket: considered the "IT" item from Rick Owens
Paper thin suede and easy to layer as she has done here.

Coat: Inspired from Balmain by Maje
Maje is perhaps the favorite place for shopping for most young Parisiennes in the know.

Pant: J. Crew
Tuxedo pant done in grey wool with side band in black satin. Great for dressing up or dressing down..........for day wear. India discovered J. Crew when we were in NYC this fall.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Bag: PS1 by Proenza and Schouler

What would I feel comfortable wearing? Would love those pants with the button down shirt.
Would throw over the shirt a classic crew neck.........maybe a vintage Hermes scarf.........
Now, I will be needing something more modern for the feet........hmmm..........I am thinking my Jimmy Choo biker boots. They got me through the winter and will work until I know the weather is warmer........Will not hold my breath for that!

xoxoxo Linda


Haute Hippie and Me

Since I can remember, I always imagine a setting when I am considering a clothing purchase. By setting, in fact, if I am to tell the whole truth, I create in my mind a film as to where and why I will be wearing or carrying what I am about to purchase. Yes, I picture myself in different scenarios where it fits. As is life, it sometimes takes awhile for it to happen, but with time, it will become apparent to me that the moment is now.

Well, I had that moment yesterday. All of a sudden, I was really happy with what I saw. That silk kaftan, those suede pirate boots and even that bright orange bag........cannot measure up to the magnificent workmanship that is all around me in Marrakech.......... but I felt like I belonged in this scenario. If even for a moment...........

Bag by Goyard ( rue St. Honore Paris)
Kaftan by Bally ( Madison Ave. NYC)
Boots by Vivienne Westwood (Mount Street London)

Must drink my morning mint tea.......have a 10:00 rendezvous with Fathia..........lovely young woman from Marrakech..........she is guiding me to her secret addresses in her hometown. This is going to be a fabulous day...........

Je vous embrasse, Linda

P.S. Madame B., je pense a vous et je nous cherche des tresors!!! xoxo for you......


Miscellaneous In Marrakech

Why you are asking would she print this when she is in Marrakech? Simple story, really......I lounged at the pool all day long trying to recuperate from an overdose of ????? I would be guessing the couscous or tajine or that delicious Marocaine bread that I smother in black olive tapenade. Enough said? I thought so!!!

So, how about a little lecture on textures 'til tomorrow and I am up and out of the hotel.......

Picture Number One

My favorite python sandals from Rondini in St. Tropez
If you look Rondini up online, you can order the mythic Tropezienne sandal. I always keep several pair (same model) in case they close shop after 80 years in business.

Picture Number Two

My favorite take on vaca silk tops from Bally. Bought them 3 years ago on sale in NYC. Both my girls try to "borrow" them when they leave for a vaca in the sun. I have trouble letting them out of my sight. The tops not the girls!!!
Now, the belt is "limit". Maybe not for my age, but hey, I think it is just soooo very cool.

Picture Number Three

Pottery is a specialty in this county and there are many featured in decorating this gorgeous hotel. La Mamounia, which has just undergone a three year renovation.

Had plain pasta tonight for dinner and hope to be back reporting from the streets of Marrakech tomorrow.........I know you all wanted to hear this story, right? Talk about a personal touch!!!

Lovin' ya, Linda


The Souk

I have always loved to travel and find each country I visit so very interesting. I love to experience the different life styles.....their habits and their daily routines.
I am guessing I have been to the souk in Marrakech about 20 times. Let me confess that I am still a little shy about wandering around by myself . Each time I try to wander a little further off the beaten path. Who knows? Maybe one day I will be zipping around the souk like a local!!!

My favorite shop for jellabas was closed........it was time for the muslim prayers and the man who helps me had closed for those few minutes...........as he does every evening..........I see them all rushing to their local mosque...........there are several in the souk..........I like seeing this.
Not any different than seeing the people in Texas going to the local Baptist Church. Except the men and women are not going to pray together here.

Picture Number One .............. Spices..........there are dozens lined up just like this one.

Picture Number Two...........Where I go to buy my hand woven wash cloths. The local ladies use these when they go to the hammam. I have taken to using them everyday at home. Great for scrubbing the dry skin cells off......leaves me feeling like a baby.........almost. Anyway, they cost 20 dirhams each. That is about 2 euros or 3 dollars. I splurge and buy 3.

Picture Number Three..........local diner selling steamed snails. Always busy, busy, busy. I have yet to dine there...........never say never..........

Back to my jellaba shop tomorrow. Hope he will allow me to take pictures for you guys. He can seem a little severe at first but he usually warms up after a minute or two of discussing jellaba making......When I first came in with my meters of Liberty print last year, I thought he would faint. NOBODY every asked this man to make a traditional Marocaine jellaba out of English cotton flowered fabric. He frowned and then he laughed, actually.

Bonsoir et a demain, Linda


Marrakech and Me

Seriously tired of cold weather and hearing myself complain about being tired, I decided to do something about it. Booked a flight to Marrakech and a room at the newly reopened La Mamounia and packed my bags for a five day break. Now, you know everything. 5 wondrous days of relaxing by the pool, drinking mint tea, eating cornes de gazelles (gazelles horns.....the shape I think is why they are so named) and having every spa treatment available. DO NOT think me shallow for not mentioning the more cultural aspect. Been there and done that!!!

This is probably about my 8th visit, and since we all know my favorite sport, I will take you to my favorite shopping discoveries over the next four days. Sighing with relief that I will not talk about my facial, pedicure, manicure, massage and leg waxing? All done in the first day so I can move on to my treasure hunting in the Souk..........I actually have jellabas made for my boutique by a wonderful man that has a shop in the Souk. More about that tomorrow..........

xoxo Linda