Lanvin pour H&M

Lanvin has been a favorite place for me to go and dream shop since Alber Elbaz took over as creative director. However, the beautiful prices are sometimes prohibitive for my "working girl" budget. I love buying a piece from time to time when I know it will stay more than one season in my wardrobe. So, when I heard Lanvin had agreed to let the designer do a special collection for H&M, I was overly excited. For those of you who do not have an H&M in your city, it is the Swedish low price but high style chain of stores now implanted in all major cities of the world. When The Day arrived, there was a line outside at 8:00 a.m. and everyone had to take a number. Personally, I opted for a late day date with Alber. I showed up at 8:00 P.M and was not disappointed by what I saw. My daughter, Tatiana, was the lucky one, because there were beautiful bright tulle dresses with beautiful satin ribbon belts, silk dresses (I bought one red and one black for Tats). She will wear them this summer in St. Tropez when going "out".
Then there was this trench you see her wearing in the pictures. Honestly, I was not sure she would "understand" it. It is a divine textured fabric.......cut on the bias.......great 3/4's length and perfect for SPRING........Not in the middle of winter.
When Tatiana was home for Christmas vacation, I showed it to her. Never should have!!! Guess what? She "understood" it so well, that I could not get it off her back in the Below ZERO temperatures. Thank goodness for those boots and scarf!!!

Trench Lanvin for H&M (149 euros!!!)
Scarf and Gloves Crimson
Boots Jimmy Choo
Earrings Gas
Purse YSL

By the way, I did buy the same trench for myself. Could not help myself...........
xoxo Linda


Cowboy Appreciation Week

Texas is called the Lone Star State.......I love our state flag........I love that it is Red, White and Blue like the American flag. The two side by side are a sight for these eyes........Called out for me to take a picture..........

I have a favorite Ft.Worth coffee shop for breakfast. Cowboys gather really early for their morning coffee and morning chat. Same group sitting in the same chairs around the table they claimed as theirs since the first day they walked in those many years ago. They are as much at home here as anywhere. It is a typical diner where the waitress calls them by their name and refills their cup each time she passes by their table.

Going back home to Texas would not be the same if I could not sit and enjoy watching these cowboys enjoy each others company as if they were all brothers. In a way, I guess they are.

They are authentic.....they are genuine.....they are a breed apart. I love who they are and how they conduct themselves in life. Gentlemen in the true sense of the word.

I will end this Cowboy Appreciation Week with a loving tribute to my brother, Gavin. The truest cowboy I have ever had the priviledge to know.


Cowboy Appreciation Week

Choice of beers..........Coors
Choice of jeans......Wranglers

Cowboys wear their Wrangler's long enough so they pleat and break nicely on the boot. They are pressed so precisely that the crease is evident the whole length of the leg. Their shirts are starched and ironed to perfection. This is the uniform of the modern day working cowboy.
They seal a deal with a handshake and a straight look in the eye.

On a personal note, I will admit that my Grandmother Pearl was so upset when I moved to Paris those 30 years ago. She had her heart and head set on the fact that I would meet and marry a cowboy and live a happy life on a ranch in West Texas.

She would be so happy to see my appreciation so many years later!!! I'm thinking a road trip across West Texas just might be on my summer agenda........Never say Never............Anyway, I need a new pair of boots.........xoxoxo Linda


Cowboy Appreciation Week

Promise Made - Promise Kept

Leddy's is the place to order handmade and personally designed cowboy boots. Ft.Worth, Texas is their address. I have been wandering in and out of this "sacred" place for a great part of my life. I like knowing that when I walk in, I will smell the fresh leather from the boots, belts and handmade saddles. I like knowing that the Leddy Brothers never turn their head away from top quality craftmanship. I like knowing that the people who work there wear their cowboy hats.........felt in winter..........straw in summer. I like knowing that I will hear a "HOWDY, MAM, Can we fit you for some boots today"? Yep, business as usual at Leddy Bros.
Tomorrow you will be priviledged to see some other accessories sold at Leddy's.
Yes, you all guessed it, I am needing a trip back home.

As they would say at Leddy's, "Thanks for Stoppin' In and Have a Nice Day, Mam".
Yes, Sir, I like their Manners.


Don't Mess With Texas Women

On a recent trip to Texas (remember, that is where I call home), I roamed around my old stomping grounds with my Sis and my Aunt Becca. We went to the Stock Yards for lunch at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. Fresh guacamole salad prepared at the table, crispy nachos with a perfect salsa sauce and a Root Beer served in a frosty mug. Does this all sound like a foreign language? It can and I understand............Texas is a country all on its own. Actually, it is said that Ft. Worth is where the West begins. It is also said that Texas has some of the most beautiful women. If beauty is to be measured by force of character, then, hell, I agree 100%.
I grew up dressing just like this young lady. I love that 50 years later some of the best dressed girls I know are still wearing those West Texas Classics. I'm thinking this young lady could care less about the latest Louboutins. Something to be said for that!!!
However, her boots are an original design for her and hand made just for her.

Next post? Tomorrow, I promise I will give you the secret address of where the most savy of Texas women (and men) order their boots. Now, yall be good, ya hear. Translation of Texas talk: Take care and see you soon!!! See Ya, Linda


Hello Mr. Schuman

Cannot understand why a relatively new - modern hotel cannot serve their guests with a simple internet connection. When I called reception to complain, they sent up four pages of instructions to follow with options for different problems. Hello!!! Just make it work, please.
They did not and I could not. So 3 days later and safe and sound with my personal livebox. Have just realized what a wonderful relationship we have. I will never take him/her for granted again.

Sartorialist? Yes, of course you know the man behind this. Mr. Scot Schuman. I think he is amazing and I follow his blog on a daily basis. He has an amazing eye and knows style in any and all directions. So, when I saw him in Florence (he was aiming his camera at a good looking Italian man), I decided to introduce myself. A bit embarrassing, but thought anybody loves admiration, right? I called out his name, he looked around and I said, "Mr. Schuman, this is probably the only time I will have this opportunity, so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog". Simple as that.......He said thank you and I said goodbye. So, eat your heart out, girls, he is really so very handsome with a great twinkle in his eye.
Every morning before my research at Pitti Uomo, I stop by this wonderful place for coffee. I hate to admit it, but this is the story. It just happens to be the Caffee for the Roberto Cavalli shop. The man behind the best animal prints for clothes. I order two of these delights called "marrachino". Extra FOAMO, please. My italian.....just add an O at the end.

Have a great weekend, Linda


Paris to Florence

View from my hotel window.
I arrived in Florence today for Pitti Uomo. This is the biggest men's fashion event that is hosted in Florence twice a year. I usually come every January as this is the time to buy for next winter. Um, yes, fashion is a fast game. Just finishing with this winter and now must plan for the next.
Honestly? I love it......gets my mind working overtime. Colors, fabrics, shapes.......gotta decide now what I think the "misters" (this is how my Texas grandmother referred to all gentlemen) would like for next winter.
Eiffel Tower.......last evening's event. My daughter who is now studying in the USA misses Paris terribly and wanted me to do a "tourist" drive for her. As this is always a must see at night, I decided to drive by. I cannot begin to tell you how embarrassed Tatiana was that I would actually stop my car, get out and take a picture like all of the other tourists. When I told her it was for you guys, she said "That is just so cliche'". I continue to say after 32 years of seeing this, "Beautiful and Uplifting". So, sorry, Tatiana, I'm going with it.

Cannot wait to go to my favorite Florentine breakfast place for an incredible cappucino with powdered chocolate sprinkled on top of the cream. Oh, I will take a picture!!!



Coco Chanel and Me

I have waited 62 years to find the perfume of my dreams. Chanel said every woman should wear perfume or she is not a woman. She said a lot of other stuff, too!!! Another little something I will share with you........."When I am with a man I weigh no heavier than a tiny bird on his shoulder". I think she was trying to say she was not a pain in the derriere. She never married, so not so sure that worked for her......

Anyway, back to the perfume business. I love perfume and have always wanted to find my scent. Problem being I never found one that did not give me a headache. One day while browsing in Au Bon Marche in Paris, I happened upon a beautifully chic perfume display. The brand is called Kilian. Go ahead and Google if you want. The lady in charge was kind enough to give me some samples as I explained my hesitancy to invest right away. So, after 3 months trial, I am the proud owner of my first perfume that I can wear daily. It is a beautiful earthy rose smell. The morning ritual of putting on Rose Oud makes me feel so happy. O.K., yes, I even feel a little mysterious and seductive.........In other words I'm LOVING it.

Je vous embrasse, Linda


Kennedy Sweater

This was my lucky day..........I had the pleasure of having lunch with both of my daughters. Not an easy feat, you know? Tatiana happily home for the holidays from her new college in the states and trying to see each and everyone of her Parisien friends. India, who models, is always busy, busy, busy. It goes without saying that nothing makes a mom happier than to see her children independently happy, and I DO NOT want to seem selfish, but YES, I want some time, too. O.K., now that I have said it, I feel better........

Another bonus is that both showed up wearing the same sweater from this season's Crimson Collection. I felt proud of myself. Sooo not easy pleasing the younger generation. Afterall, my boutique is all about the great classics, and the younger generation is all about Moving On. In fact, this sweater is a classic shawl collar in 12 ply cashmere made for men. I decided we girls deserved the same beautifully luxurious warmth. So, I scaled down and got something that works well for us ladies. My girls are wearing it as a coat, and NO, I do not agree as it is 3° celcius right now!!!

India too much in a hurry for a very important appointment, so no photo.........hope she gets the job though!!! She had teamed hers with a cashmere jersey t-shirt and skirt. Tatiana went more rock with her military pants and biker boots.

Thanks for the lunch girls. See you soon? Love you both!!!
Just me being MOM........somethings never change!!!