Florence and her Hermes

This lovely lady is Florence, and she has been working with me for 15 years now.
Florence brightens my day. She smiles as she walks in the door, her giggles are contagious, and when she leaves in the evening, there is a goodbye and a genuine smile for everyone. There is not one day with or one day without. She is constant.......

In french there is a saying: Bon Chic Bon Genre
Loosely translated, that means Nicely Chic and Nice Person
Yep, Florence, once again. Her personal style is french bourgois at its finest and in the nicest sense of that expression. She was quite shy at the idea of me taking her picture, but never says no when she can help out...........

Today she is wearing a great indigo blue T-Shirt from Crimson, sky blue cotton slim pants and navy cashmere blazer from Arthur and Fox. Those lovely navy patent ballet shoes are from Lanvin (I secretly covet those!!!).

However, what caught my eye were those bags. I love the combo!!!
Red LL Bean is her lunch bag. I gave that to her for her birthday. You can order yours on-line.
Navy blue Hermes Kelly given to her 44 years ago by her husband for the birth of their first child. Pierre Henri only invests in quality. He knew quality when he saw Florence.......

Love you Flo Flo (my pet name for her)


LA Parisienne? Here She Is.......

When she walks into my boutique, I try not to be obvious. However, it is a challenge, because I so want to pull out a pen and note everything she is wearing or carrying. I think it is safe to say she is about as close to a French Carrie Bradshaw as we can find. Her name is Martine, and she is the epitome of feminin and fun. So annoying really. I hate the way she puts herself together so well. She knows how to mix it all and make it magic. The girl just cannot seem to make a mistake. Yes, she just walks into my boutique and lights up the place........all smiles and niceness, too. Oh, I give up!!! Truly, she is a girl to be loved.........

I know her shoes are Azzedine Alaia and her bag is Lanvin. I had to snap these photos fast, and did not dare detain her any further. So, the dress and jacket? Who cares!!!

Maybe Martine would give me lessons in how to dress like that.........I will ask next time she pops in..........

Oh, I just got a great idea. Maybe she could give us all her favorite places to shop in Paris. Oh la la, this is going to be fun, girls.

Until then, Linda


Just Call Me Texan

There is an old country western song that has a line that goes like this,
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. I love country western music. It is so heartfelt. The lyrics are always very down to earth. Instantly, the meaning and the emotions are tangible. This reminds me of how I feel when I go back home. You must know I have spent the last 32 of my 63 years in Paris. I have an on-going love affaire with Paris. Yet, I realised on my trip home this last week, that I am definitely married and still in love with my Texas. Amazing that all this time has slipped away, and yet, when I return, it is as though I have never left.

I do not mind admitting that one of the best elements of Texas, are its cowboys. True cowboys in the best sense of that word. Hard working, honest and sincere. They prefer to live by the creed of good and honest and as they say, Walk It don't Talk It.

I had the good fortune of meeting a couple of these cowboys just last week. The young man with the black hat explained that he very often gets up at 4:00 to tend his horses and can return home very late in the evening. This is a what is called a real "working cowboy". His departing statement was "I would not have it any other way".
The gentleman I am admiring in the photo admitted that he was quite shy and blushed when given compliments. I told him he had been voted best looking cowboy of the week..........by me.

Well, boys, I love your hats, I love your jeans, I love your boots, and I just adore the way you place your thumbs in your jean's pocket. No Parisian man could pull off that look. It belongs strictly to you..........and so does my heart. This could be material for a good country western song!!!

Meanwhile, back in Paris and back in my boutique..........Funny How Time Slips Away...........

Many hugs to you all, Linda


Cowgirls in Texas

Home again to Texas for the annual family reunion. I went to the Cutting Horse show which is an annual event, also. This young cowgirl just happened to be having breakfast in my favorite local cowboy cafe. She was kind enough to say yes for my request for photos once outside. The last photo was just my luck to see her with her horse inside the arena.
Gracious cowgirl from Texas...........

On the road again.
Hugs from 109° heat in Texas


White Shirts and Lilly Pulitzer Shorts

I love Lilly Pulitzer. Have been collecting these delectable prints for years. My favorite place to buy them is a small little shop in Palm Beach, where Lilly Pulitzer started her business about 40 years ago. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to know about Lilly's world, check it out on line. She does an entire collection, but my favorites are always her shorts. Team these with a fresh white cotton poplin shirt and you are set for summer. Do not know about you girls, but fitted tee's for the summer give me claustrophobia, so I opt for a loose fitting men's cotton poplin (oxford cloth = too heavy) shirt. Buy one and have your initials hand embroidered on it. Oh, and one last thing.........grosgrain belts in bright summer colors.

In the second picture, you can see the port of St. Tropez in the background. Here is how I made this weekend trip simple:

Two white shirts
Two Lilly Shorts
Two swimsuits
One LL Bean Boat and Tote

Je vous embrasse, Linda