Gold Green and Grey

Gold is for the gorgeous gold metal tassles that crown the top of the black iron gate surrounding the gardens in the Palais Royale.
Green is for the sage green in my "boyfriends" sweater from Crimson.
Grey, ah, come on, girls, it happens to all of us!!!
What I did not know is that grey hair can be unruly. Since deciding to go "natural" just one year ago.....almost to the day.....I have discovered an oddity. My hair has always just kind of hung there. Now, I have the best of both worlds. The old and the new. My new grey hair gives me the perk I never had before. Body!!! Might not be the case for everyone, but just wanted to share my joy. I will be honest with you, it took me awhile to become courageous and just go for it. I bleached my hair off and on for years. Grey hair....now you see it....now you don't. Good gracious, girl, make up your mind. Either you do or you don't. Guess I just got married......I say I do!!! I so love not having to wonder if those greys are showing through when someone is looking at me. My girls aren't crazy about it......their mother's aging thing I am guessing. Best girlfriend's say, Linda, just cover up the sides. Men seem to navigate their "first glance" just to the grey. Halleluiah, I am celebrating my independence from this drug. Girls, stand up and say
"I don't give a damn.......I no longer take (insert your choice of dye or peroxide)". Now, go out and buy yourselves a little something for your soul from all the money you are saving at the hairdressers. Do not forget...Your hair will love you so much more!!! The others will follow.

Coat Vintage
Sweater Crimson
Scarf Hermes
Corduroy Jean Current-Elliott
Boots Vivienne Westwood

Girls, I love you already....so do what makes you feel best......Linda


Sorry, sorry, sorry. Been kind of crazed since coming back from NYC. Am writing as if you are all friends or family. Suits me....hope you do not mind. I am finishing up my Spring/Summer 2011 Collection for Crimson.....tying up loose ends for my website re-launch in January. Yes, indeed should have my "boutique on-line" by then. Really excited about that. Am hoping it will be to your liking. Working on the graphics, the clean and clear way to present the collections and obviously the best way to show my cashmere.
My web master is wanting me to do still life pictures or put my knitwear on mannequins. I am balking. Honestly, I like energy when I am looking at clothes. Energy for me comes from the people wearing it. I love attitudes people give when they are dressed. I like the way people inhabit their clothing...........personality.

While in NYC two weeks ago, I was happy to see my daughters both wearing my new berets for this fall and winter. Believe me.....they do not always like what I do. So, I am always happy when I see they adopt an article........

India, on the top photo, bought her great scarf at J. Crew on Madison Ave., and I love the way she paired it with Crimson's Black Beret.
Tatiana wearing the Grey Beret teamed hers with Crimsons Loop Scarf in beige.

With a little luck, maybe I can convince them to help me with my website.....Stay tuned for that one, friends. Talk about energy.....I have a hard time keeping up with them.
xoxo from Paris

P.S. This is their favorite stop in NYC...........hotdog to go from the street Vendor.
Kosher, of course!!!


Paris in the Fall

Just spent 5 wonderful days in NYC. I do love the energy that city generates. New York is always positive. Everyone there believes in the American Dream. If NYC were not the birthplace of America, I would certainly say, it has been a large part of its education on so many levels. Hello? Bagels..Cream Cheese..Lox
I will not pretend for one second to be a historian, so let's just get down to the simple truth, there are so many immigrants in NYC. I had one American taxi driver during my 5 day stay. Considering I took about 8 taxis a day during 5 days....you do the math. Next truth I am baring....immigrant is not a bad thing to be, folks. Guess what? I am an immigrant in France, and have been for 32 years now. So, this is not a negative text I am writing. Now that I have cleared that up.........on with my thoughts..........as much as I do love New York, I adore Paris. I actually recorded a song about 25 years ago entitled just that:
J'aime New York, Mais J'adore Paris
Do not rush out to buy it, folks, as it is truly forgettable in the minds of the poor French population who had to witness my short lived singing career. Hey, it was a great experience!!!
The point of what I want to say is just that Paris is so very breathtakingly beautiful, that
I could never stay away for too long. These pictures are part of my life. I do walk or drive across this marvelous bridge...Pont Alexandre III about everyday, and I do see the Eiffel Tower about 10 times a day on my daily comings and goings. However, as soon as I return to Paris, I am already thinking about my next trip home. I am so lucky to be living in Paris and so very, very, very proud to call America my home.
O.K., now on to the really important part of this posting......girls......listen up:
My Outfit!!! I love this grey poncho that I manufacture for my boutique.
It comes in about 20 colors, and I have it made in Scotland. I have one on or in my bag about everyday. Good for crisp fall days, good for cool summer evenings. Great for keeping warm on airplanes and shopping in the frozen foods department in any country. Good gracious I just realized Crimson is a Global Necessity!!!
My jean is the slimmest fit I have ever ventured to buy. Picked it up while in NYC at J. Crew.
It is called the Breathless Jean. Understandable, as one does not dare to breathe while wearing it!!!
Now, girls, step back and look at these shoes.....I searched all over NYC to find them. I first saw them in this months' American Vogue. They are Marc Jacob's modern version of the brogue.
No, you are not seeing things, they indeed have gold sprinkles on the side. No, not low profile, but a hell of a lot of fun.
My bag is my own personalized with my initials vintage Goyard. I have carried it around the world. The Goyard bags are great because they are light as a feather...made of linen and cotton.
I throw in everything.....including my heavy camera. It is starting to look a little tired, but then again I like that.
Special message for Madame B.: Your Breathless Jean is on the way from NY. I called the Madison Ave. boutique and they agreed to ship it. So, make your trip to Deauville a short one!!!
See, ladies, I am a trend setter. I love it..........