avenue Montagne Paris

Loved my week in Marrakech and happy to be back to Paris. First thing I do is call my daughter, India, to see if she is available for lunch...........She is!!!

I adored India's look for today. She threw together classic, modern, inexpensive and not inexpensive........the end result is a typical silhouette for a young modern Parisienne today.

Shirt: a classic oxford button down............Arthur & Fox

Jacket: considered the "IT" item from Rick Owens
Paper thin suede and easy to layer as she has done here.

Coat: Inspired from Balmain by Maje
Maje is perhaps the favorite place for shopping for most young Parisiennes in the know.

Pant: J. Crew
Tuxedo pant done in grey wool with side band in black satin. Great for dressing up or dressing down..........for day wear. India discovered J. Crew when we were in NYC this fall.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Bag: PS1 by Proenza and Schouler

What would I feel comfortable wearing? Would love those pants with the button down shirt.
Would throw over the shirt a classic crew neck.........maybe a vintage Hermes scarf.........
Now, I will be needing something more modern for the feet........hmmm..........I am thinking my Jimmy Choo biker boots. They got me through the winter and will work until I know the weather is warmer........Will not hold my breath for that!

xoxoxo Linda

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Judy a dit…

That Girl is lookin good. Love her new haircut with the bangs. I know she put together an outfit for Ave. Montagne. Hugs and Kisses to your girls. Glad your back in Paris, but I did enjoy Marrakech.

KatyE. a dit…

O.k. Miss Linda, where are you? I am missing your updates! I know Paris must be wonderful in the Spring! Or...are you busy with spring clothes and stuff in your shop? Hope you are fine and know that you are missed here on your blog!