Here Comes Santa Claus

Christmas windows for my boutique are always a little challenging for me, as I am not crazy about putting packages all wrapped up with gold or silver ribbon or bright red boxes crying out it is time to buy Christmas presents. Over the years, I have tried different approaches since I do have so many beautiful items for gifts. It does seem a shame not to give Crimson a festive attitude. This year I was in the mood to dress up my mannequins like modern day princesses. Oh my goodness, you are saying........whatever does she mean. As I love mixing dressy with casual, I decided to show how one can wear a simple cashmere crew neck or a grosgrain trimmed cardigan with a pretty "ballerina girl" skirt. I just went to my local fabric store and bought what was needed to create the skirts. Five meters of red tutu netting and five meters of black tutu netting. Add needed amount of matching satin ribbon for the belt and we are off to a party. I pinned the meters of fabric directly on my mannequins, but with the finished product pleasing so many of my clients, I decided to engage my couturier to make us a few of these skirts for the boutique. Guess what? We now have a waiting list of ladies wanting theirs for the holiday parties. Hopefully Mira, my seamstress will work into the wee hours of the morning to finish on time. It has been so much fun discussing lengths and shoes with the clients. Some want short to wear with high heels, some want long to wear with ballet shoes and obviously there are those who will do the opposite. Personally, I am having mine in black, just below the knee to wear with my new fur lined black motorcycle boots from Jimmy Choo. My cashmere will be a slim fitting black turtle neck. Girls just want to have fun.............

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, Linda


Pearls and Mademoiselle Chanel

Fashion is fun!!! Proof being what I have just posted for pictures. Yes, indeed there is snow on the ground in Paris and pearl sandals in the windows of Chanel. Actually, it is kind of uplifting. Picture the situation........Me in my rubber sole boots, trying not to slip on the sidewalk with all the ice and snow on the ground.........and as I pass in front on the Chanel shop on ave. Montaigne, a bright smile comes across my face. Could not help it. Just put joy in my heart. This is what we call The Cruise Wear season in fashion jargon. Wedged in between the winter and summer collections is this charming seasonal collection. It is just always so surprising to witness its rebirth each year. Just when we are tiring of the harshness of the winter weather, just like magic, pretty little images starting creeping into the pages of the magazines and in the windows of the most beautiful boutiques. All of a sudden, I was transported to a far away island with these pretty sandals on my feet and a panama on my head.
Reality? No, thank you!!!


Bonnets, Belts and Boots

This week Paris had some of the worst weather I have seen in my 32 years of living here. Paris was beautiful under a blanket of white snow, but dressing for this occassion left me a little bewildered. So, even though it is not the most poetic of fashion advice, I have learned that if my ears and feet are warm, the rest follows. To be perfectly honest, my grandmother told me that some 50 years ago, but as an adolescent, I listened with respect and left the house without the acessories she had so lovingly placed by the door. I have a little smile for her everytime I pull that bonnet over my head these days.
And today, I say thanks to my new friend Ellise Pierce. Ellise is a fellow Texan and lives in Paris. She is without a doubt one of the most talented chefs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Please do yourselves a favor and click on to her blog CowgirlChef. Ellise has made a name for herself in Paris. She caters to all things "wonderful food wise". Need to learn how to cook........Ellise is there. Need to have a meal catered ..........Ellise is there. Need to have wonderful meals made by her loving and talented hands and then delivered to your home.......Ellise is there. I entrust entire weeks of meals to her genuis!!!
What is more, Ellise turned me on to these life saving black fur lined boots. They are hand made by a company called n.d.c. When I say they have not been anywhere but on my feet since the first day I purchased them, I am telling the truth. Everyone needs a new friend like Ellise!!!

Bonnet by Crimson
Cashmere T-Shirt by Crimson
Pea Coat by Crimson
Belt by Prada
Skirt by Aurore Thibault
Cashmere Stockings by Crimson
Gloves by Crimson
Poncho (worn as scarf) Crimson
Bag by Nina Ricci

Special thanks to my daughter India for being my personal photographer.
Special thanks to my sister for discovering Ellise in the first place!!!

Little prevue for next posting: Chanel windows in winter
A bientot, Linda


Mini Moke's and Marine's T-Shirts in St. Tropez

This is my favorite car to drive while in St. Tropez..........the Mini Moke.........I discovered it when I first came to visit about 25 years ago. My other St. Tropez discovery is this vintage shop by the port. It has simply the best selection of vintage sailor's t-shirts imagineable. However, the selection of vintage clothing does not stop with just the t-shirts. I found a great pair of white gabardine sailor's pants, also. Nothing better than throwing those pants on with one of these old soft stripped t-shirts. Obviously, in the middle of winter, St. Tropez calls for a great navy cashmere cardigan or a warm cashmere crew neck with a pretty print silk scarf. I am always in the mood for that look when having a drink on the port while watching the boats come and go or having lunch by the fire place at Club 55.
St. Tropez is only a one and half hour flight from Paris, so it makes for a great weekend getaway. Nice change of pace.........believe me.......and yes, I know I am a very lucky girl.


Spring/Summer 2011 Inspiration Board

So, it works like this. I run around Paris looking for the right accessories (buttons, bows,etc.) to put on my sweaters for spring and then just like magic, I have a collection. Well,HELL, it just does not seem to be working like that. Sorry, for the hell word, but I am so frustrated with myself right now. Sorry to be venting my frustration, but I AM frustrated!!! Normally, I should be in production right now for my spring merchandise. Is not happening!!! Nope, Linda, is still trying to decide if she wants to go with soft pale colors, a simple palette as in black, white and pink, or go Palm Beach with brights like fushia, orange, turquoise. You see, I am a Gemini and I guess from the day I was born, I was meant to be all over the map with ideas. It is not that I am lacking in them, I just seem to pop up with a new one in my head everyday. At some point, I must decide THIS is the direction I want to go in for Spring/Summer 2011. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE this process, but I need to make some decisions. I am so fortunate to have incredible resources in Paris. For gorgeous ribbons in silk, grosgrain, velvet, cotton........and any other beautiful to look at and fabulous to touch trimmings I go to Mokuba. I work with a wonderfully dedicated team. Their enthusiasm inspires me, and their professionalism helps get me out the door and to production on time. Buttons? I have been on the search for "vintage" buttons. So, girls, come spring, your cardigan will have mixed vintage buttons in every shape and size I could find in Paris' endless treasure chest of everything "vintage". I also found a couple who make brooches in enamel and metal with pretty whimsical themes. I have an appointment with them NOW to talk about them making special buttons in pretty colored enamel.........so, out the door I am and off to make another hard decision.......pale pinks or bright pinks? Oh, please, Gods of all things Pretty, help me decide. I want them all!!!
Am I a victim of fashion? Don't care...........nourishes my soul.
Lots of XOXOS to You, Linda