That Perfecto Jacket

I have mentioned before that I do not believe in disguising myself as my daughters. Well, sometimes I get confused. Case in point is this motorcycle jacket that you see me wearing in one picture and then my daughters wearing the same jacket in the other picture. The original motorcyle jacket was popularized by Schott's Perfecto. American design made years and years and well, years ago. Fashion lesson: This new one by Balenciaga was born only about two years ago. I should know!!! I broke down and bought two at the same time....However, I thought it would be the perfect Christmas gift and I bought one for each of my daughters. My gift was a huge success.........they wear them constantly and two years later the jacket looks almost better than the day I bought it. This is what I call a good investment. Money well spent!!!

The funny thing is, I did not feel I could pull it off. One day, however, my older daughter's father showed up in my boutique with this huge package from Balenciaga. Present for me.........seems he felt that I could and should have The Balenciaga Jacket. Cannot tell you how happy I was to receive it as a present. Took the responsability off my shoulders of feeling ridiculous for buying it for myself.

This picture of me was taken in Paris about a week ago. I feel I must keep the rest of my look as casual as possible to feel comfortable when wearing said jacket. Hence, jeans, my Kelly bag and a great pair of old penny loafers. Yea, that works. Now, my daughters!!! India and I came to New York this weekend to visit Tatiana, my younger daughter who just started college in the USA. Total coincidence that they were both wearing their jackets today. So, I snapped this picture to show you the difference. They just naturally pull theirs off with a different dress attitude. After comparing the pictures, I feel more confident that I do not look like I am trying to dress like my daughters. So, thanks Francois, for giving me the courage to just go for it.

Tatiana, on the left side of the photo is wearing an oversized cashmere beret from the current collection in CRIMSON. What better compliment for me than when my girls go for something in my shop.

I wish you all as great a weekend as I am having with my Mother-Daughter Reunion in NYC.

Love to you, Linda


My New Friend Flint

His name is Flint Chabannes de Balsac and he is a Griffon Korthals. I just met him yesterday and I love him already. Life is funny that way. Just when you are least expecting it, someone new and wonderful walks into your life. Just so happens he is not available. He is lucky enough to have been adopted by one of the most loving families I have ever had the priviledge to know.
I recently heard the expression that " what is most important is not to be successful IN life but to be successful WITH your life. AH HA!!! All inclusive I would say. So, Flint, my friend, I nominate you as the dog most likely to succeed!!!

Cashmere Coat Arthur and Fox
Cashmere T-Shirt Crimson
Cashmere scarf Crimson
Military Green Pants Current and Elliott
Cashmere socks Crimson
Cotton Velvet shoes Massaro

Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere!!! Boring? Never!!! I must take a trip to Mongolia one day as that is the source for most of the world's cashmere. However, afterwards this beautiful fiber makes its way around the world to different manufacturers. The fabric in my coat is Italian,
my scarf was hand woven in the province of Kashmir, my t-shirt straight from Scotland. Actually, I am the proud designer of this t-shirt. Its just an easy piece to accompany anything else you feel like wearing. I cut it close to the body so there is no bulk under a jacket or another sweater. The finishing is like a t-shirt....instead of ribbing....I have it hemmed. It is the type of garment that "dresses up or dresses down". Let's face it, you can take it anywhere!!! I wonder if I had a dog like Flint, could I take him everywhere. Must do some research on that one........

Hope your day is successful.......got to start somewhere......with love Linda


Seriously, one should not have to chose one of these desserts. To even start a process of elimination is heart breaking. So, I opt for the easy way out and just take pictures.
Believe me for the first few years of living in France, I indulged myself greatly. French desserts are works of art. Beautifully made and wonderful to eat. I am now going to disappoint you, as I am incapable of describing the ingredients and the names of these wonders. I am not a cook in any form or fashion and will admit great ignorance in writing about anything to do with food forms. How can I put this? Seriously? I think we all needed a break from looking at fashion and personally, I find these glass pots of cream with wafers and chocolate sprinkles, or
those whipped up mounds of chocolate mousse, or even better yet, those fresh raspberries with french wafer fingers (I think that is what they are called), and last but not least the religieuse au chocolat with lavender icing to die for. Pretty and poetic. So, there you have it friends and family, my contribution to your knowledge of french cuisine!!! Please do not quote me on any of the above terminology..... just wanted to brighten your day in a sugary way.
Sending love to you all from Paris, Linda


Vintage Point of View

Fur Jacket Vintage Pierre Balmain
Hermes Silk Scarf (Gala Bridles design 1957)
Cashmere Twin Set Crimson
Levi Vintage Jean
Vintage Pirate Boots by Vivienne Westwood
Sunglasses Chanel
Bag Chanel Classic
Pearl Earrings Cartier

Yes, I know!!! Enough already with the old jeans....I wish I could stop. Truly I do, but it's just a Texas habit that makes me feel good. My best friend is my jean, my partner in crime as it were.
On the other hand, this vintage fur jacket is something I bought in a Paris auction house about 15 years ago. Believe it or not, I never worn it until last year. One day I put it on and felt like Carrie from Sex and the City. You know a quirky mix....gave me kind of a jaunt in my step. So,
as today was the first real day of cold weather in Paris, it was just the right thing to keep me
warm. No, it did not make me feel like Carrie today, but I thought the pale grey in the fur looked very pretty with the pale greys and pinks in my Hermes scarf. This I bought for one of my daughters a few years ago thinking she would understand where I was coming from.
The result being she has never even tried to wear it!!! Didn't and doesn't get it, my dears. I am not worried, because one day she will reclaim what is rightfully hers and enjoy it. This particular design from Hermes originated in 1957 and remains even today as the most popular silk scarf sold. My twinset is from my shop. A basic for Crimson. I did it in chocolate, flannel grey and black. I want all three!!! Just when I want to minimize my wardrobe, I go and do something where I want to OWN all the colors.
I had tea this afternoon with my good friend, Joelle, and she was wearing an incredibly well cut (for the city and not for horse riding) black jodphur. Prada of all places.....luckily there is one just down the street from my shop.........won't take me but a minute to see if there is still one left in my size. A jodphur might replace a jean, no? You can always dream!!!
A bientot, Linda


Black is Back

Coat Balenciaga Re-edition
Cashmere Scarf Crimson
Silk Top Zara (so inexpensive and 100% silk!!!)
Cashmere Cardie Crimson
Skirt Prada
Black Patent Bow Belt Prada
Silk Stockings Crimson
Boots - re-edition Ferragamo
Bag by Nina Ricci
Pearl Earrings Cartier

Girls, have to tell you something. From age 50 to 60, I refused to wear black. Do not know why but just could not do it. I felt really weary when trying....seriously, I felt as though I looked tired. So, I went into mourning and decided to bury black for life. Honestly thought it was over and swore to never wear black again. Never say never......black is back for me and I am feeling even a little addicted.
It is tricky though. Black can be uniform looking....black can be boring.....so, I need a little something to throw it off, and then I don't feel so sad. Remember Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children singing that song? Always loved it!!! Right, back to fashion. So, ladies, today I thought I pulled off the black look pretty well. Tell me what you think. By the way, I am feeling so weird about the "zero comments" category on my blog. Other bloggers get lots and lots of comments. I feel as though I am letting you down. It is so obvious that I am so jealous of those bloggers who incite written thoughts from their audience. My blog master said maybe my audience does not understand how to do it. How dare her talk about you like that. She does not even know you. Anyway, if you would like to and did not understand how to, here is how it works. Underneath the posting is written COMMENTS or COMENTAIRES. Just click on that and give me your thoughts. Afterall, I do keep giving you mine. If all else fails, send it by e-mail and I can add it on to the comments section. That way, I will not feel so sad.....
I must face reality here, I am so soliciting communication from my readers. Is that normal or am I feeling totally ignored here? e-mail: linda.wright@me.com
Another thing I swore I would never do again.....cover up my grey hair by going blonde again. I have done it several times. Always searching for that college color.
Two years ago, David Mallet, who is my hair guru in Paris said, "Linda, just do it. Go ROCK. Go BLOND!!! It's just hair. It will grow back. Yea, O.K., David, but what about my not wanting to hide my "natural" aging and just being honest? I believe his exact words were, "Screw It". So he cut my hair short,really short and I became a 100% peroxide blond. India and Tatiana, my two daughters hated it. My dentist, totally handsome Fred, hated it. I felt good for about two weeks and then decided it was all over. So two years later here I am back to my natural color....greying at the temples. I actually like it and am so happy not to wince when I have not had those "touch ups" and notice people noticing my grey hair. So there you have it. My ups and downs with nevers and forevers. My grey hair is forever. I see David in two weeks time. I'm scared, because I so love wearing the black I swore I would never wear again. Wait!!! Let's see....maybe some highlights. I owe myself a "try on"!!!
Je vous embrasse, Linda


Eiffel Tower and Mocha Soya

Just had a second thought. Maybe you would like to see how pretty the Eiffel Tower looks today with all this Indian Summer sunshine. Personally, I like the looks of my Mocha Soya better. Ungrateful, am I not?
Please read the posting Textures Talks To Me(the one just before this) to better understand why this one exists, darlings!!!

Velvet Jacket bespoke by Henry Poole in London
Cashmere Sweater by Crimson in Paris
Striped T-Shirt 45RPM
Cashmere Gauze Leopard Scarf by Crimson
Red Ballerina Shoes by Prada
Personal Name Bracelet made at Bendel's NYC
Ivory and Sandalwood Bracelets by Luis Morais in Miami
Gold and Amber Ring by Ibu Gallery in Paris
Bag by Balenciaga
Jean by Ralph Lauren Collection

Beautiful sunny sunday in Paris, and I just went out for my favorite treat.....Yep, mocha soya coffee at Rose Bakery and then stopped by to pick up the latest newspapers. I am staying in today.
Last week was fashion week in Paris, and I am exhausted. In fact, what I did was visit exhibitors
to compliment my own production for Crimson. I look for articles I do not and will not ever
manufacture myself. This was buying season for Spring/Summer 2011. I was underwhelmed with the choices. I always visit these salons (as they are called), because if nothing else, I will see what I definitely would not like for my shop. I take this all very seriously, because I truly do respect my customer and want to provide something pretty and with the quality they deserve.
It is very difficult to be a single specialty shop in today's fashion world. It is the major brands that have the true staying power. One by one the individualy owned boutiques seem to be disappearing. So, I try to keep up with what is important in today's modern fashion world...
one has to stay "current", and on the other hand, I like that my place is to still provide the most beautiful classic cashmeres to be found. I am special....I am proud....my cashmere is made by
caring hands in Scotland.

What I chose to wear to Rose's today are like second skin for me. My velvet jacket was made to measure (bespoke as the english say) by a wonderful tailor on Saville Row in London...Henry Poole. I have been wearing it for about 10 years now. It still looks great teamed with the pants I had made to match or mixing it with my latest purchase in jeans - Ralph Lauren Collection.
My t-shirt comes from one of my most favorite places to shop since about 10 years. 45RPM.
I first discovered them in NYC and now they have a shop in Paris. My bag is Balenciaga, and once again I have carried it for about 6 years. I love keeping pieces that feel right season after season of having them in my closet. Now, for those bracelets. I LOVE collecting bracelets. Maybe one day I will post pictures of my bracelet collection. Strangely enough, certain jewelry makes me feel a little toooo classic....a little toooo old. So, I opt for less serious jewelry. Having said that I am lucky enough to have some beautiful pieces by Buccellati of Italy. I will wear those later this week when I am not so tired.....I need energy and the right attitude for those "proper pieces". Hoping your week will be a healthy and productive one.
Special thoughts for you, Linda


I have such trouble being 100% serious when I get dressed in the morning.
Or in the evening for that matter!!! Looking for the right words here..... sophisticated and refined....whatever, I just can never pull it off. As soon as I start feeling like my efforts are going to sound off the "I am trying to look smart" alarm, I panic. NO, I will never be on anyone's best dressed list. I would love to learn the trick, however. Yes, now I am being serious. The ladies that I admire the most in the way they dress are the ladies who ARE polished and totally own
their style. They were born with it....money does not buy it. I do feel that a step in the right direction is owning a few quality classic pieces. This particularly beautiful autumn day found me on Ave. Montaigne in Paris wearing a few of my favorite classics.

Mackintosh Leopard print Raincoat
Hermes Silk Twill Scarf
Cashmere cardigan from my shop Crimson
Vintage 501 Levis
Handmade Jodphur boots from John Lobb

I chose some bright pinks and oranges to off-set the leopard print.
Those Levis are too short you are saying? Yes, indeed they are. On the other hand, one can admire my egyptian cotton socks (Crimson has them in 40 colors) that go nicely with my gorgeous boots. Oh, and before I forget, every girl needs a pair of pearl earrings. I feel almost "polished" when I put them on.
Je vous embrasse, Linda