Girls and The Boys Sweaters

Not always easy to carry off the wearing of a man's sweater. What always seems to work is when it is contrasted with something either very feminin or when accompanying the oversized with something smaller in proportion.

India and Tatiana gravitate quite often to choosing something from the men's collection in my shop. I loved seeing how Tatiana threw her man's cardie over her floral dress and India putting her man's v-neck over a slim skirt. Strange phenomenon about enjoying the comfort of a piece of men's clothing. I think we could do a social study on this, but for simplicity's sake let's just go with the idea that we look laid back and cool and feeling good in our skin.

Tatiana's dress from Topshop in London
Bag is a Mini Peek-a-Boo from Fendi that I actually bought for myself this summer in St. Tropez. Tats loved it so much and in the end, I felt like the size was easier for her. So she won!!!

India's skirt from Helmut Lang in NYC
India's bag is a Maxi Proenza Schouler that is great for carrying her camera. As she is constantly taking pictures for her own blog...........indiasinsights..........and she needs something oversized.
Both are wearing good ole' Rayban sunglasses.

Thank you both for the fabulous four days we spent together in Miami. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving.
See you in Paris for Christmas. Love you, Mom


Pyjama Party at the Setai

Do you love J. Crew as much as I love J. Crew? If you do then you should go to your local boutique and pick up one of these fabulous silk pj tops. Great over a slim pant or even tucking into a baggy jean. I found mine while in Miami and wore it with pleasure as a swimsuit cover-up. As you can see, it was still cool around the pool, so I threw one of my v-neck cardies over it. This one is the same color as the poncho in the last posting. French Mustard. In Paris, I wear the Poncho over the sweater and make it my modern twin set. I loved the print on this one. Reminds me of a beautiful silk men's tie. This one is in navy and old gold or French Mustard as I am calling it these days. Piping is perfect around the pocket. You could just pull it up on-line. However, you had probably already thought of that. I also bought a pair of blue end on end cotton pj's. These have been feminized a bit from the men's standard. Different collar and a cute cut. NOW, don't panic, but I saw a picture of a girl the other day wearing white cotton pj's with navy piping , great pearl necklace and pretty sandals. Well, yea, I might try it come summer. Maybe not in Paris but.....well, we'll see.

More Miami postings this week even though I returned to Paris just today. I must show you my girls in their ponchos while in Miami. They look so cute. They are going to kill me when they see I put the picture on this blog. Shhh, don't tell. They might not notice. They are so busy they do not read my blog. So, they will never know.

Jet-lagged but terribly content to have spent time in the US of A.
Lots of xxxxx's Linda


Ponchos and Wrinkled Necks

First things first. All time best seller in my shop = PONCHO.
It is something I use on a daily basis just like creams for my face.
A bare necessity, girlfriends.

I usually stock about 20 colors including the basics of black, grey, white, navy blue and then dreamy colors. These can include turquoise, fuschia, lime green, purple, lavender, french mustard (re: photo), pale blue, pale pink, stone or light beige, khaki, dark bronz and it goes on and on. My sales assistants get nuts trying to place them all in the shop. There are several different ways it can be worn depending on the coolness of the weather factor. Honestly, too difficult to put into words, so be patient and probably within the next two weeks, there will actually be a video showing all the different possibilities. I travel with two in my carry-on. Summer air-conditioning too much for you? .....put on a poncho. Cool days or evenings.....put on a poncho. And yes, of course, it looks pretty even over a floaty little dress. When I go home to Texas in the summer, I use one for going to the movies, the shopping centers and do not get me started on food shopping (frozen food section!!!), oh, and of course the museums and other cultural endeavors.

Enough about the poncho. I want to talk with you about my neck. Yes, it is a problem, so listen up. Those miracle creams I have been buying over the last 20 years have just not done the trick so to say. If you will be so kind as to refer to the second picture now, please. See my hand up around the neck area? Well, I wanted to cover up the problem area. Modeling trick, right? Except I do not want to cover up my neck wrinkles anymore than I want to cover up my grey hair. This is getting tough, huh, ladies. More and More of a challenge. You understand by now that I am trying to live with ME. Self acceptance is not all that easy. It takes earnest work and humbling oneself to oneself, really. This is all making sense I hope. It is late here in Miami and my girls are on their respective planes heading back to their respective responsabilities. Yes, leaving Mom to reflect upon these last few glorious days we had together and those Four pair of Juicy Couture pants I bought and must find room for in my luggage tomorrow.
After Thanksgiving, pre-holiday sales were on and I went for FOUR. 30% off plus the euro vs. dollar exchange made me do it.....no discipline here.
See, earnest work. Took my mind right off those neck wrinkles. I bought turqoise, orange, navy blue and charcoal grey. Much better investment than neck creams.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight. Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite. That's what we say in Texas.


To Try Them is to Love Them

How many pairs of Juicy Couture's do I have? Oh, not nearly enough!!!

I just cannot help myself. They are a collectible item. You never know when they will stop producing them, right? I have had these in hiding for awhile. When I bought them last summer in Texas, I knew they would have their moment. The color is just the right mix of pale pink, peach and salmon. So perfect for the beach in Miami on this trip. I have spotted a Juicy Couture boutique about a 10 minute taxi ride from my hotel. I have convinced myself that I need a pair of black or charcoal grey to wear on the plane back to Paris with my black crew neck cashmere. I can be warm and feel quite cosy while trying to sleep on that -20° temperature plane. Why do they insist on keeping them so cold!!! Back to the story line, sorry!!!

I NEVER buy the matching hoodies. In this picture I teamed them with a great heavy cotton t-shirt from 45RPM (they make the best t's) and a man's modal and cashmere scarf from Crimson.Wearing them with sweaters of any shape works quite well, also. So, go out and get yourselves a pair, ladies. Promise you will be addicted.

IN closing, I just wanted to say thank you, girls, for those positive comments on my last post. Seriously does help the soul hearing those kind words. I so hope that I help your day be just a bit brighter with my nonsense. Nonsense is necessary. No?

Tons of hugs from Miami, Linda


Going, Going, Gone Grey

Yes, I was a little shocked when I saw the outcome of these pictures that India took of me on the beach yesterday. There is no more denying it. Yes, I have become a grey-haired lady.
You may think me crazy, but honestly, I am loving it. Yes, I did say loving it. I feel healthy and happy. No pretending that they are not there, no more worrying that it is about that time to call my colorist. I miss him and will send a Christmas card.

Next question is this. Can I still pull off these Liberty Print shorts? I brought them along on this vacation not knowing if I would have the courage to actually put them on. They are from my last spring/summer collection chez Crimson. Weather elements gave me the perfect opportunity.While it is definitely sunny in Miami, the beach can be a tad cool when the clouds roll in. Hence, shorts and a sweater. Crimson's ladies crew neck is one of my all time favorites. With the new knitting process I have just done, it is now woven more loosely which gives it a lighter and more softer feel on the body. So, the situation was there, and I took advantage. However, the question still remains. Are these particular shorts age appropriate?
My vote is still out, but India and Tatiana told me they thought I looked pretty. Now, that my dear friends, gave me confidence and put a smile on my face.

I am a firm believer that one must make errors in order to advance. I am so far ahead by now!!!

Lots of xxxxx's Linda


Inspiration for Miu Miu

I hope you all see what I see. Same colors on the Miu Miu publicity as on the Starbucks paper cup? Check. Princess look with jeweled crown on the model and on the Starbucks paper cup? Right? I love that Miuccia Prada did not need any fancy trips to foreign countries to be inspired for her present collection. Always knew she was down to earth. A designer after my own heart.

Just landed in Miami for a week of sunshine and a reunion with my girls who are arriving tomorrow from NYC. I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

Love from the Sunshine State


Lolita la Parisienne

I actually met Lolita in my everyday lunch place. She comes quite often with her mom. She is just the kind of girl that catches your eye. She has something that makes you watch her. She has style to beat all style. Individual style.......nothing you see in the magazines, nothing you see in the windows of shops and nothing you see in the streets. Words to define her? Fashionably contemporary, fresh, pretty, and unexpected. There is always something she has done that makes you think, WOW, why didn't I think of that. Don't worry.......nobody would have thought of it except Lolita. And she always makes it look like Easy Chic.......

Do not know what got into me when I just walked up to her in the restaurant and proposed that she style, direct and model in the next addition to my web-site. Have you ever met anyone that just inspires confidence. Lolita has had that affect on me. I gave her the project. She decided on a film in her favorite places in Paris. She has even found the music. An old song sung by Jeanne Moreau. I will be having a sneak preview tomorrow. Cannot wait. Meanwhile, I am hoping these few photos that I managed to take will give you reason to look forward to the next chapter of Crimson-Cashmere.Com

Promise it will be pretty. Thanks to Lolita.


Shoes, Scarves and Olive Bread

It has been a very busy week. Preparation for an update on my website has got me crazy. Trying to decide the best direction for my new blog is proving to be a challenge. However, there are truly talented people out there, and I am fortunate enough to have good teams on both projects. These will be coming out simultaneously in about three weeks......

All work and no play!!! No way!!! I decided to walk around Paris a bit on saturday and just let my eye wander. I told the girls in my shop that I needed some air. They laugh knowing that means danger...........shopping.........YAY.........I felt I deserved a try on here and there.

I have been looking for some new short boots for this winter. Cannot find what I want, so I bought something I did not need. Makes sense. Found these great tassled loafers by Paul Smith. He just happens to be someone I have known in the fashion business for about 25 years. Paul has travelled the world over and has boutiques all over the world also, so one day I asked him what was his favorite place to shop in the world. His response was spontaneous. He replied, "Show me a hardware store, and I am a happy chap". He is the king of quirky details in everything he does. I love that the inside of the shoe is printed with garden roses and written For Men Only. I plan on wearing these tomorrow with grey flannel pants that are just a little too short so as to make Paul's shoes stand out. Will be teaming that with a dark grey paper thin t-shirt and deep raspberry colored cardigan (crew neck with tone on tone grosgrain up the front). Socks are important, and I have quite a selection that I sell for ladies chez Crimson. My wool knee-high ones in dark chocolate will do the trick.

Remember all the scarves I told you Crimson was selling this season? Well, as I have no discipline, I just fell in love with one that is NOT in my shop. Damn Hermes!!! Leave it to them to come up with just the most beautiful new technique of making a silk scarf. It is called Overdyed. After their usual process of print screening, the scarf is dipped into a dye to give it an overall color and a certain vintage allure. What can I say, it seemed perfect with the new shoes.......

This several seasons old Marni bag actually belongs to my youngest daughter, Tatiana. As she left it behind, I am borrowing it. Loving the print and colors that seem to blend easily with everything but black. Do not worry, Tatiana, you can have it back when you want.

Are you asking yourselves what this last picture has to do with anything? Nothing, except that I discovered two new addresses today for my sunday afternoon tea. The rue de Verneuil address is an epicierie and bio and among others wonderful items sells delicious home made nut and date bars. The other is a boulangerie (bakery) just around the corner from me. Funny, how I have just walked by for the last few months. Not today.....walked in and found my favorite.....Olive bread.

Now, all that shopping and discovering was fun. Just lifted my spirits right up and away......

Love to you All, Linda