Any Guys Out There?

I spent this sunday afternoon changing the men's window at Crimson. Yea, I know I lead an exciting life!!! Working on sunday....... In fact, I love doing the windows. This is when I can be a little creative with all the shopping and manufacturing I have done for this Fall/Winter season for my shop. I can actually play with all those scarves and sweaters. Mix and match or unmatch in a way that totally tickles my fancy. This is the fun part of being the boss. No one to say, "Hey, what is that about, don't understand it, or get rid of it". The lovely girls who work with me do sometimes give me a very quizzical look, but being the well brought up french ladies they are, any "What the hell are you thinking" comments are kept in tact.

Scarves are becoming a bigger and better part of my collection. I went absolutely crazy buying scarves for Crimson this fall. I must have 100 different styles and then at least 3, 5 or 7 color ways in each style and then 5 to 25 pieces in each color. Count that all up and for my little shop, it is overwhelming. Funny the remarks I hear from my clients. Everyone is appreciating the incredible choices offered. It is so satisfying for me to make my clients happy.

SOCKS..........yes, I always have at least 30 colors for the gentlemen to choose from. I do the same colors in wool and cotton. Both qualities are the best to be found.... Australian wool and Egyptian cotton. Crimson has been manufacturing socks for 25 years now. I have an amazing clientel of men who keeping coming back for more. Every nationality of man seems to buy my socks. I do ship them around the world. I only manufacture socks that come just under the knee. Any well dressed man knows that is the ONLY sock to wear. Right, guys? I do like the no sock approach, also. It is one or the other, of course. No short socks!!! Never!!! No exceptions!!!
Well, except for sports.

Thought you might like to see some Crimson products for a change. Ladies window gets changed soon. Will give you a peek at that if you like.

Happy Halloween tomorrow.........Linda


Barbour, Marni, Capri et Mes Filles = My Look for the Day

I love my Barbour. It's like a friend. We've been through everything together. I bought one for myself and one for Tatiana when she was off to Scotland for summer school at St. Andrew's. Remember St. Andrew's? That is where Prince William and Kate Middleton met. Let me tell you right now that Tatiana never put hers on. That was five years ago, but she has just requested that I send it to her. I'm thinking she has just realised it is totally cool or just convenient for the cool rainy climate in Massachusetts. Either way, I am just happy she will be wearing it........Shipping it UPS on monday before she changes her mind.

I put a personal touch on my Barbour by adding some brooches from an old Marni collection. I just had a flash.......Haven't I seen the Queen of England wearing a Barbour with that silk scarf she always ties perfectly around her head? I will check that out on-line as soon as we are through talking here. You do the same and get back to me on that. O.K?

My scarf is a recent purchase thanks to my friend, Kadri. This gentleman sells these wonderful cashmere scarves that are made 100% in Kashmire. Meaning that the raw material is cleaned and woven then cut and given to an individual to put his or her personal touch by doing all of the design and embroidery themselves. Kadri explained to me that the entire process can take from 6 to 12 months. Kashmire is reputed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth to visit. With patience and prayers and maybe some divine intervention, maybe the politics will settle one day for a long desired visit.

Cable knit sweaters are something I have always loved. The textures and great colors are what keep me always wanting more. My daughters decided this year they wanted to design one for my shop. They have done what I consider a younger take on this classic. I love it and it seems my customers do, also. It is a little closer fit to the body than normal and a bit longer in length. Great idea as it can easily be tucked into a pair of low-cut jeans without any worry. They had a color palette of about 100 colors to chose from, but had the possiblity of only choosing 8 colors for production purposes. Once again, I agree whole heartedly with their choices: winter white, oatmeal, dark chocolate, navy blue, heather grey, black, plum and bubble gum pink.

Oh yes, about that last picture. Had breakfast (as always on sunday) at Rose Bakery. I had this wonderful fruit salad with fresh mango, pineapple, thinly sliced apples and a little fresh coconut sprinkled on top.

What a wonderful day!!!

P.S. I almost forgot!!! I found these earrings in Capri this summer. They represent the sun and the moon. I have also found the designer who lives and works in Rome. My thought is to convince her to let me sell them in my shop. They come in various stones and colors. I will get back to you on this project. Anybody interested?


Orchids for Best Friends

Luxury is knowing this address. Of course there are wonderful flower shops in every arrondisement in Paris, but chez Yannick Vincent on the Place des Petites Peres is where you will find passion. Behind every choice in this tiny jewel of a shop, is a man who has chosen out of love. His research and knowledge of Orchids is why I will cross all of Paris to purchase something for a special friend or a special place in my own apartment.

Want to fall in love? I do everytime I walk in. My visit yesterday was to choose something for someone out of the ordinary. These are for you Madame B. from me and "les filles" de Crimson.

With LOVE to you, Linda


My Weekend.......The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Night.

I ate chocolate from La Maison de Chocolat and I watched The Complete Fourth Season of Gossip Girl.

I am not embarrassed. I am not sorry. I enjoyed every lame minute of it. I love Blair, I love Serena, but most of all, I love Chuck.

I want to personally thank my daughter, Tatiana, who introduced me to Gossip Girl when she was still living at home and accepted to spend some evenings catching up on the latest series of GG with me by her side.

Now that she has left home for a higher education in the US of A, I thought I would give it up......GG that is. Well, guess what? It ain't happening. I LOVEEEEEE Gossip Girl.

I have admitted it and I feel good about it. Have a great week, everybody. I am starting a detox from La Chocolate.

xoxo You know you Love Me ( a line from Gossip Girl)


Who's That Girl?

The question I ask myself is Who Is This Girl?
She was standing on the street in front of my boutique this week and she caught my eye. I instantly regretted not having my camera with me. When I returned to my shop 10 minutes later, she was still there. I ran in, grabbed my camera and ran out to see if she was willling to have her picture taken. Love the way destiny just puts itself in your way when you are least expecting it.

Kristina is a mere 22 years of age and is a marketing student in Paris. I would say her style speaks for itself. She is so naturally classy!!! That blazer, that scarf, those pretty and delicate rings. Just like Kristina........pretty and delicate. Personally, I think she looks like a young ingenue waiting for the right movie director to come along.

Kristina, whatever you decide to do in life, don't change a thing . You get my Oscar for your
owning personal style. This is what I have been talking about.......

Now, you all have a wonderful weekend. You know I love you.
Bisous, bisou, Linda


Saturday in the City

O.K. Now, how can I put this? What is most important to me when I am putting the key in the door to leave my apartment for the day, is to feel at ease with myself. That starts with what I eat and drink for breakfast, it has to do with what I want to accomplish for the day and it has to do with what I am wearing. I will spare you too many details as I want you all to be awake at the end of this little spur of the minute blog post!!!

(A) Green tea and fresh fruit salad or a great breakfast cereal with soy milk is what I need for maximum energy to start my day. More than this makes me feel tired. Horrible feeling when the day is just beginning.

(B) Work wise I am a fortunate individual as I love the daily running of Crimson. Obviously, it is hard work, because it involves constant evolution of a new product in the way of shape and/or color. Urgent for the next few days is overhauling my website. I realise how many mistakes I have made and they must be corrected asap. RDV with my website master next week. Also, looking for some talented young person to help me with a new format for my blog.
My daughter, India, tells me my blog just is not very inviting in its current structure.
As India has a very successful blog..........indiasinsights.blogspot.com..........I am taking her word for it. So, within the next month, hopefully, my blog will take on a new and more inviting persona.

C) Even as a little girl growing up in Big Spring, Texas (not a fashion capital of the world) it was important to me that I felt good about what I was wearing. I could never borrow clothes or buy something that did not feel like me. I know right away if a person owns their look. For me this is personal style. It does not have to be new or sophisticated and even what everyone else is wearing that season. Your clothes need to make you feel comfortable with yourself and that power is yours and yours alone. So, enjoy it. It belongs to you.

Look for the day:

My coat is something I sell in my shop. It was conceived by two young Italian girls who have taken over their grandmother's factory. The brand is called Maria La Rosa. Hand-woven fabrics made into purses and coats. These girls are breathing fresh air into this 3rd generation family owned business. Look on line for their beautiful socks, also.

The cable knit sweater is a new item my two daughters designed for my shop. Comes in bubble gum pink, purple, oatmeal, chocolat, flannel grey, navy and black.

Heavy cotton navy pant is from Vanessa Bruno

Old chocolate suede jodphur boots from Hermes

Go out and make yourselves a brilliant day..........give yourself the power.

All love, Linda


Anne Charlotte - Crimson's Golden Girl

You know how somone can just brighten your day? Anne Charlotte can do that....she is magical. Strangest thing happens when she walks into the boutique. All of a sudden, there is more light than before. Yes, the girl gives off a golden glow just by her presence.
Personally, I am in awe of her. Everything about her is just fresh and pretty. Most important of all is her incredibly positive and joyous attitude.
When Anne Charlotte walked in today, I noticed she was wearing one of Crimson's new cashmere cardies. I asked if I could take her picture.......I got a "Sure" right away. She walked outside, gave me a beautiful smile and made no big deal of it. And yes, she is Good as Gold.
She makes living seem so simple. She is truly a breath of fresh air for all of us at Crimson.

I hope you all have an Anne Charlotte in your day.


Hermes Fall Colors

Needless to say this particular shop on rue Faubourg St. Honore' in Paris belongs in a category all its own. I am always seduced by the windows at Hermes. It has to do with the luxury of the product. All handbags are made by carefully skilled artisans and are guaranteed for a life-time of pleasure. Who has not heard of the famous Kelly Bag or the Birkin Bag. Waiting lists apply for both. Meanwhile, enjoy window shopping for today and dreaming for tomorrow.........

xxxxx's Linda