Leopard Prints and Marrakech

Last posting on this blog explained that pareos and Havaiana tongs were no longer "de rigeur" poolside. Pressure is on when you have half of Paris transported to La Mamounia for the Christmas Holidays........not to mention India and Tatiana who all of a sudden decided to pay attention to what their Mom was wearing. Since when did they decide to care? Could have given me some warning, right?

Honestly, I love this pant. It was not an easy purchase 5 years ago. The salesperson in the Roberto Cavalli shop in St. Tropez explained to me that it was a man's pant and not for ladies. I explained that I did not care and wanted to try it on. I swear to you I had to tell her more than once that I was aware that it was for men, but I truly wanted to try it on. She gave an exasperated sigh and handed it over. I was immediately seduced by that wonderful leopard print and the softness of the silk. I wanted it!!! The salesperson in question was so exasperated with me. Personally, she was persuaded by the ridiculousness of purchasing this man's pant. Would you not vote on this being perfect for us daring ladies as opposed to some man who did not know how in the hell to accessorise this!!!
Personally, I was persuaded that it would be another article that I would haul around the world and wear with great happiness when the occasion presented itself.

Voila.......situation presenting itself........away with the pareo and away with the rubber flip-flops. Linda presents herself poolside in Leopard Print Roberto Cavalli men's pyjama pants.
You can tell me what you think. Honestly, it will not hurt my feelings. Thus far after 5 years, I do believe I am the only one "getting" why these are so great. Oh, just get over it, everybody.
Linda loves these pants. Worn today with my trusty old gold Tropezienne sandals and that "take everywhere" stone colored crew neck from Crimson. I had to ask a stranger to take these pictures. My girls prefer me back in my pareo and my rubber tongs. I like to think they are just jealous. I will never let them borrow my leopard print pyjama pant. They swear they will never ask.

Lovin' ya, leavin' ya.......Linda


India in Marrakech

Holidays in Marrakech. Yes, with my girls!!! We have all three been to Marrakech before, but never together. So, I will document.....maybe too bold a statment. Hence, I will take pictures and hopefully, you will all keep me, India and Tatiana company during this last week before the New Year.

I have been trying to ignore the new pool fashion passage. Thinking it would go away and everyone would get back to pareos and Havaiana flip flops. You must understand that I have been collecting pareos on every island from every country I have visited over the last 20 years. Not to mention my new metallic Havaiana flip-flops. I bought both gold and silver. I felt proud when I was packing them. BOTH colors. I could not go wrong.

Wrong I was. Marrakech is meant for long fluid floaty cover-ups. I have used this expression before, but Marrakech is BOHEMIAN CHIC. Example personafied in India's choice of poolside wear today. What was I thinking!!! Guess who is going to the souk to look for new pool looks this afternoon? As IF I needed an excuse to go shopping in the souks of Marrakech. Oh, Please.

Thinking of you Madame B.
My love to all, Linda


Need A Little Dose of Pretty?

No one has ever accused me of doing raw, sexy or edgy.
Nope, don't know how. I will leave that to those who do.
I like pretty, I like simple, I like girly. I like attitude and I like charm.
These are a few items I have chosen for my boutique for Spring 2012.

Yes, I know it is a little early to be buying Spring, but I just felt like giving you a preview of something pretty. Paris has taken on its "I am going to rain on your parade attitude", so I decided to rebel. Oh, I already feel better with these pictures and my vanilla-herbal tea that I picked up at Rose Bakery. Yes, a porcelain pot of this next to my bed and the latest Harper's Bazaar from the US.
Now, this is what I call a girly night in.

Love and kisses from Me


Isabelle - How Does She Do It?

For those who follow my blog a tad bit, you might remember Isabelle reigning over my post from Capri this past summer. She has been my daughter Tatiana's bestest of best friends for 16 out of their 19 years. The title of my blog is How Does She Do It? Seriously that is my question. I have been watching her every year for the last 16 years myself. The girl is golden.
I love her for sure, but I am somewhat objective, still. Thanks to my own two young ladies, I have had the pleasure and priviledge of seeing so many young girls grow into young adults. Isabelle has eased so gracefully into that roll.

Not to underestimate her parents, because they are lovely people, but this is a girl who truly looks after herself. Her hair glows, her face glows, her teeth glow and yes, her eyes glow. She grooms herself. Call me old fashioned, but the results are so refreshing to behold. I never have to worry that Isabelle will turn up for a visit not looking as though she just stepped out of the shower. Let me repeat myself, folks. It is totally refreshing.

Oh, and another thing about Isabelle. She smiles and she says Hello and Goodbye and Thank You. Hey, let's face it, more and more of this generation's young adults seem to find that not necessary. What The Hell...........Isabelle still manages to do it.........So, just ask her how she does it. Never too late to learn a good thing.

Just call me Pathetic in Paris, but I still like pretty manners.


Sunday lunch in Versailles (The Town)

A few weeks ago, my best friend Grace, asked me if I would like to go for a drive in her new car. Take it for a spin to Versailles for lunch. AM I sounding obnoxious or what? New little Mercedes sports car.....lunch in Versailles......no big deal....normal routine for a sunday afternoon with nothing better to do, right? Embarrassed to admit this, but it has been about 31 years since I last visited the Kingdom of the Sun King. This is what Louis the Fourteenth is referred to as Le Roi du Soleil. But then you all know that.

Grace had made reservations at the Hotel Trianon Palace where the restaurant looks out on the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Not that it dampered our spirits or the fun of the day, but it was pouring rain. We just could not put the top down on her new convertible. I had so wanted to put on my sunglasses and tie a silk scarf around my head a la Grace Kelly. Too bad.

The lunch was nice, the wine was even better, but the desert was perfect. I'm thinking come spring, I need to make another trip and actually ignore the 1000 tourist buses and pop in to visit the Sun King's quarters. Had bad could that be?

Those photos should be more promising. Difficult to take pictures in the pouring rain.

Thanks Grace. Can I borrow your car when I go back?


Miami Blues

Indulge me one last Miami post.
It has been exactly one week today that I arrived back in my home city of Paris. Let me see now, it has rained and then it has showered and we had a 5 minute sun break and then back to the regular routine of cold and rainy. Some or most of you are saying, "What is her problem, it is still Paris, or others are saying "It is winter, so this is normal". I agree but I LOVE sunshine and I NEED sunshine. It just makes me feel alive and happy. I also love being outside and breathing air that is not heated or refrigerated. Now, that sounds normal to me.

So until I finally find that island or seaside that I can call home, I get to keep looking in my spare time. Now, how bad is that? I will certainly appreciate any and all suggestions from you, my friends. Next vacation in February. Where shall I go?

Next question... Why do women not like sky blue? I only ask because each time I order sweaters for my boutique in sky blue, they do NOT sell. I keep trying, but it just does not interest the average customer. My salesgirls are so tired of me insisting. They say Give It Up. It does NOT work. I say just ONE more time. It is so Pretty. I love my pretty blue crew neck sweater that I took to Miami and wore with my wonderful 45RPM jeans. Now that I am back in Paris, I love wearing it with my grey flannel pants, or my Vanessa Bruno navy heavy cotton pants or even my black Prada jodphurs. Pale (sky) blue goes with so many colors that it is almost a non color. Then in spring wear it with........O.K. too soon. Still, I will give it another go come spring for Crimson. However, this is the last time. So, get smart, girls........I'm begging you to love blue like I do!!! I will be so sad not to see powder blue on my shelves in Crimson. Feel sorry for me yet?

I did not think so........Love you, anyway, L


Luxury Speaks for Itself

On my way to the bank today, I passed in front of this Hermes window on ave. George V.
I totally adore the simple way in which this beautifully luxurious cashmere sweater is shown. This article seriously speaks for itself. Wish I had it in my window. Color and texture all say one word: QUALITY
Hermes is known for nothing less.


Girls and Their Bijoux or Girls and Their Jewelry

O.K. this is not about Miami even if the pictures were taken in Miami. It is about jewelry items that I like. Just bear with me because sometimes I get carried away about really unimportant things. Somehow makes the weight of the world seem a little lighter. I like THAT.

So for the nonsense on a friday night. Ready?

Picture Number One: Not an original idea. All credit goes to Garance Dore. I love looking at her blog. My favorite of all favorites. She takes wonderful pictures and writes with great wit and fun. I am a fan. A few months ago she posted a picture with a young lady wearing tiny delicate rings just like India in the picture and one being the Oui ring from Dior. Well, I aspired to have the Dior Oui ring. As the createur of Dior jewelry (Victoire de Castellane) is a client of mine I asked her why the Oui?
She replied simply that it was meant to say Oui Pour La Vie or in english Yes, TO Life.
Her thoughts are that by wearing this ring, we are saying yes and being positive. I immediately decided that there was no age limit for this, so I bought it for myself. I enjoyed wearing the ring for a few weeks, but when India asked to borrow it, I immediately knew she must keep it. I loved looking at it more on her hands. Also, hope the message brings her tons of positivity.

Picture Number Two: Several bracelets, several styles and all mixed up. Tatiana is wearing the Cartier Love bracelet that she received for her graduation from high school. Mixed with this are some of Isabel Marrant's pieces (the fake turqoise and fake coral) that I purchased at the press sales. I was so proud, girls, as I paid 10 euros for each piece. See? I know how to shop for bargains. Last but not least is a silver skull on black ebony beads bracelet from Luis Morais. He is another favorite for me and the girls. Get on line to see his wonderful collection of jewelry. He is based in Miami. I first discovered him at Colette in Paris. THE best place to shop in Paris.

I never seem to get tired of wearing bits and pieces of jewelry. Mixing and matching expensive to-keep forever pieces and very inexpensive pieces that are just a very fun accessory. So, that is the end of my friday night nonsense.

Have a good weekend. L


Greys and Beiges for the Beach

I guess we could say Miami was my Grey and Beige period. I did not plan this believe me. Was not even aware it was happening. Now that I am editing my pictures to see what I would like to show you, I realize there is a certain theme of colors I was working with. My ex-husband once told me that my favorite color was beige. It took me by surprise, because I never considered beige to be a real color and colors are my business. Live and Learn and sometimes Listen.

So, I am formally admitting he could have been right. Somehow wearing beige is like preparing yourself for a surprise. The surprise being what else you throw on with it.
Like Pot Luck in cooking, no? With good ingredients, you cannot go wrong. What do I mean by good ingredients? Let's see now. Hmm.....a great black pant, a beautiful grey pant, a chic navy blue pant, and oh, a cool khaki pant and do not forget a pretty white pant. So far so good? Now, you can also get more creative and pair the beige with some pretty colors.......lime, fushia, purple, orange. You getting my point by now. Beige is like a blank canvas for artists. Now go out there and create a look made to measure just for you.

Am I crazy to think I chose the Setai Hotel in Miami just for their colors? Maybe I did it unconciously. Nevermind. I could have stayed on forever. The grey and beige decor was in pefect harmony with the sandy beaches, beautiful shells, and palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Last of my Miami posts, sweethearts. Gotta move on at some point.