Haute Hippie and Me

Since I can remember, I always imagine a setting when I am considering a clothing purchase. By setting, in fact, if I am to tell the whole truth, I create in my mind a film as to where and why I will be wearing or carrying what I am about to purchase. Yes, I picture myself in different scenarios where it fits. As is life, it sometimes takes awhile for it to happen, but with time, it will become apparent to me that the moment is now.

Well, I had that moment yesterday. All of a sudden, I was really happy with what I saw. That silk kaftan, those suede pirate boots and even that bright orange bag........cannot measure up to the magnificent workmanship that is all around me in Marrakech.......... but I felt like I belonged in this scenario. If even for a moment...........

Bag by Goyard ( rue St. Honore Paris)
Kaftan by Bally ( Madison Ave. NYC)
Boots by Vivienne Westwood (Mount Street London)

Must drink my morning mint tea.......have a 10:00 rendezvous with Fathia..........lovely young woman from Marrakech..........she is guiding me to her secret addresses in her hometown. This is going to be a fabulous day...........

Je vous embrasse, Linda

P.S. Madame B., je pense a vous et je nous cherche des tresors!!! xoxo for you......

2 commentaires:

Gene a dit…

Those pretty items would look good anywhere. Okay maybe the boots at the beach are not good, but you know what I'm saying. Love that bag the most. I would love to picture myself in Marrakech. Guess I can. I also picture myself in Dharmsala (sp). I am loving this trip. Those tiles are magnificent. Glad you are feeling like you belonged in that scenario.

Anonyme a dit…

Je vais me transformer en petite souris et faire les courses dans votre poche.... trop de belles choses et de très belles photos. Y a pas, le talent c'est le talent.
Profitez bien
Mme B qui vous remercie par avance.