Miscellaneous In Marrakech

Why you are asking would she print this when she is in Marrakech? Simple story, really......I lounged at the pool all day long trying to recuperate from an overdose of ????? I would be guessing the couscous or tajine or that delicious Marocaine bread that I smother in black olive tapenade. Enough said? I thought so!!!

So, how about a little lecture on textures 'til tomorrow and I am up and out of the hotel.......

Picture Number One

My favorite python sandals from Rondini in St. Tropez
If you look Rondini up online, you can order the mythic Tropezienne sandal. I always keep several pair (same model) in case they close shop after 80 years in business.

Picture Number Two

My favorite take on vaca silk tops from Bally. Bought them 3 years ago on sale in NYC. Both my girls try to "borrow" them when they leave for a vaca in the sun. I have trouble letting them out of my sight. The tops not the girls!!!
Now, the belt is "limit". Maybe not for my age, but hey, I think it is just soooo very cool.

Picture Number Three

Pottery is a specialty in this county and there are many featured in decorating this gorgeous hotel. La Mamounia, which has just undergone a three year renovation.

Had plain pasta tonight for dinner and hope to be back reporting from the streets of Marrakech tomorrow.........I know you all wanted to hear this story, right? Talk about a personal touch!!!

Lovin' ya, Linda

3 commentaires:

KatyE. a dit…

Love the fact that you actually bought both of the silk tops there. I would be like...."Can´t buy both!" Good for you!
Such fun reading your blog! Such an inspiration!

Linda Wright a dit…

KatyE., first of all let me thank you for being such a loyal and spirited reader of my blog. All of your comments are interesting and fun and appreciated by me.

Second of all, you are right, I would have stopped at one, also. What I did not explain is that this is ONE SILK TOP. Actually, one is placed over the other...layered in other words.......otherwise, too transparent.

Thanks Katy E. big hug to YOU, Linda

KatyE. a dit…

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY- in fact I also take your words here as a wonderful gift!!!!!!! My Birthday is tomorrow and I can´t help but want to be someplace else then home with a sick four year old- but your blog does it for me! I enjoy seeing how you relish and see the beauty in life and that you even bother to share it! It´s a "pick me up" and we all need those...
All my best to you!!!!!