Sophie in all her Splendor

Her name is Sophie, and she has amazing style. It is always worth watching.
Sophie is the Parisienne in all her splendor for me. Whether she is dresssing up or dressing down, there is always an attitude about her.

Sophie popped into my shop yesterday looking for a bright pink cashmere to go with her new nail polish. She always has a goal!!! She quickly decided on the men's classic V neck in the gorgeous pink I have done for men this summer. She took a medium (she is a small), because she would like to wear it baggy over shorts or a skirt this summer.

I adored the way she teamed Crimson's classic V neck cardigan in navy for ladies. What a mix!!!
1) Cotton poplin blue striped shirt (loved the navy piping)
2) Silk floral printed pant
3) Leopard print mocassins

There are some people that just brighten your day. For Sophie it is effortless........

SOPHIE, come back and see us SOON!!! We are fans and we love your look.....and looks......

xx Linda


Red Roses, Red Radishes, Red Rasberry Tartes

Sunday stroll in my new neighborhood. I felt like buying flowers and a little something for dinner. Strangely enough I found my florist and food shop featuring the same colors.
Now, I do like a color scheme, but I have never pushed it to decorating my plate and apartment in the same tones. Except for today!!! Why should I resist? Too pretty to pass when it seems perfect.......

Have a wonderful last week of May, xx Linda


Club 55 Beach Boutique

This is the ultimate beach boutique destination. Nope, I am not exagerating. The incredible selection of parios, panamas, canvas toats, hand-woven straw baskets, fun summer jewelry, swimsuits, t-shirts, and accessories and textiles for your summer cottage. ALL to be found here. With a perfect eye and incredible flair, Corinne de Colmont creates an ambience that keeps us coming back season after season. In the Know St. Tropez visitors would never leave town without enjoying lunch at Club 55 and spending some time browsing in the boutique on the beach.
Repeatedly written up and mentioned in every fashion and travel magazine that exists.....I personally guarantee you the whole family leaves with memories of a beautiful moment spent at Club 55.
With heartfelt appreciation to Patrice and Corinne de Colmont who make this place seem like heaven on earth. Nothing else like it in the world!!!

xx Linda


The Bravade of St. Tropez

I tried to buy this skirt from the lady who washed and ironed it at the local Laundry/Dry Cleaning place (only one) in St. Tropez. She just laughed at me. Explaining that these items (she had several she was working on) are handed down from generation to generation. They are entirely hand made and part of a provencal costume worn during an annual parade called the Bravade in St. Tropez. If you Google this, The Bravade is very well explained.

I have always been in love with lace and embroidery. Just so happens this year they are very "A La Mode". Every fashion magazine is dedicating pages of models wearing lace and embroidery. The owner of Le Lavoir.....which means water basin.....is second generation to take over the meticulous work of making these beautiful vintage pieces come alive. Deedee is a professional and she is passionate about her work. When she agreed to let me photograph them, I felt honored. Her laundry is almost like a private club..........credentials are needed. She does not take on any new customers. I just walk in and admire. Believe me it has taken a few years of going in and saying "Bonjour" and smiling and expressing my upmost admiration for the art and her as the artist to be allowed a few photos.

Well worth it. I am sincere with what I say........Maybe in a few more years, she will actually let me invest in one of those lace skirts. Meanwhile, I will not hold my breath, but I will be back.

You are allowed to lust along with me...........xx Linda


Colors of St. Tropez

Powdery Pinks and Celadon Greens are the colors that prevail in this sundrenched seaport town of St. Tropez. Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton have all arrived with beautifully appointed shops, but the essence of St. Tropez lays beyond that. The real flavor of St. Tropez lyes within the decor that has always been there........never changing over the years. The natives of St. Tropez, the ones who are there long after the last yacht has pulled away from the port, are also the color that prevails.......Their smiles, their laid back style and their genuiness.
The heart and soul of their town. They are proud to call it their own, but are nice enough to let us tourists enjoy the beauty of it all.

Booked on a late afternoon flight back to Paris tomorrow, but I am already looking forward to my next visit. Yep, St. Tropez definitely has a hold on me.......

Have a good weekend wherever you are.


St. Tropez and the Place des Lices Market

My beloved St. Tropez......J'adore St. Tropez
Then again who does not love St. Tropez?
Fed up with trying to finish my website, frustrated with unusually hot weather in Paris (not good for cashmere sales), I decided I needed some distance in order to think better.
Are you laughing now at my lame excuses? I am trying not to feel guilty for having left the problems in Paris. However, after having spent only 3 wonderful days in St. Trop, I am feeling energetic and highly....yes, I said highly, positive again.

St. Tropez has an open air market all year long on every tuesday and saturday of the week. The locals frequent it for buying their fresh fruits and vegetables. The tourists enjoy the dozens of stands selling local produce and very provencial articles. I love buying the baskets the ladies use for carrying their fruit and vegetables. I used to carry them as my summer beach bag.........I have since switched to using them in my laundry room.

When I get my website up, maybe I can have a special St. Tropez accessories section. I could throw in those great striped t-shirts or locally made espadrilles, or.........See? My energy is back again..........I Love St. Topez

XX's To You All, Linda


Hermes Forever!!!

Do you have something in your closet that just makes you feel good? Nothing superficial about feeling good.........Give it a Go...........
Buy something that you would like to keep forever and ever. My philosophy is that it should be a beautiful classic and excellent quality. Mind you, these words will never be engraved on a marble wall on an important state building, but that does not discourage me from putting it out there. Nourishes my soul, and I just want to share with you.

I have had my Hermes Red oversized Kelly for about 15 years. My Hermes riding boots have been with me for about 10 years. These two items make me feel good.......I have so many positive feelings when I carry that purse or wear those boots. I feel at home with them. Normally, I need to refresh my wardrobe regularly with seasonal items. I tire easily with "fashion items". I am sure you feel the same way. Afterall, that is what makes the fashion business so profitable. What is great these days, though, is the "fashion" of mixing expensive and inexpensive. A wonderful concept. An intelligent idea.

My zebra coat is an H&M buy. Bought the same for my daughter Tatiana. Spent about 150 euros on it. My jeans are from J. Crew. So, that makes me feel good, also!!! Did not need to spend much for a few fun things for this season.

Hugs for all of You, Linda