Have a Very Nice Weekend

Remember? I mentioned you would visit Paris with me as your guide.
So, here is just a friday night preview of where I live. Actually, in
viewing this video, you will be catching a glimpse of what I see
from my balcony. After 30 years, I still have an ongoing love
and fascination for the beauty of this city. I often wondered
if at some point, I would no longer be inspired when walking
down the street or crossing one of the many bridges over to the
other bank. The answer is obvious. Have a lovely weekend.


Paris on a Rainy Day

Vintage Jean found on E-Bay
Silk Top Marni
Cashmere Sweater Crimson Paris
Belt Crimson Paris

O.K., I have to admit creating a blog is not easy!!! I have a wonderful young french
girl, Kenza, who is being extremely patient with coaching me along. However, the
technicalities are tricky. So, bear with me these first few days and hopefully before
long we will have something more coherent.

What you are seeing above is what I wore to my boutique, CRIMSON, today.
Jeans are my most important wardrobe article. Can't help it. Born in Texas, raised
in Texas and love Texas. So, we are talking roots here. When creating something for
my boutique, I always align the look with a jean. If I can't see it happening, it does not
get produced.......so glad I am the boss!!!

When choosing my look, I always NEED something a little off to make me feel authentic.
What the hell does that mean you are asking? I want to feel like I am in my clothes.
They belong to me........not some designer who said.........."Here, wear this". So, obviously,
a little bit of old, new, never borrowed and not always blue.

You will notice, I have lots of textures going on here. Girly pinky silk top, black
cashmere cardigan with grosgrain detail on the pockets, black grosgrain belt with
rhinestone belt buckle and "plus important" my vintage Levi jean.
Shoes were my gold and black Chanel ballerinas and my bag was this season's
Nina Ricci. So, what I am hoping to convey here, is that at age 62, a girl (no age limit
for being called a girl) can have some fun and imagination with what she wants to wear.
Not looking for yes or no's.........just giving you some options, some ideas. Hope it helps
and gives you food for thought.

Cool and rainy day in Paris, so also had to throw on a short black Burberry raincoat
that I stole from my daughter's closet. A classic for her and for me....

Hopefully, soon I will learn to send more than one picture at a time and I can
give you some pictures of Paris along with the "looks".

Bonsoir.........je vous embrasse, Linda

P.S. Things are looking up, there is actually the picture I took from
my balcony this evening......


Getting Started

Girls, this is the story. I am an american and have lived in Paris for 30 years.
Am in the fashion business........cashmere to be exact........and would like to
invite you to join me in my daily life of running a business, parenting two
daughters (17 and 26) and living in the City of Light. You will become acquainted
with my daily routine.........I will let you enjoy the buying of fresh fruit at the market,
going to my favorite boulangerie.......deciding on my outfit for the days work in my
design office and in my boutique. I will let you see my daily decisions for lunch in
Paris. Almost always the same!!! I shall present you with tons of pictures........
people, places and things.

See you tomorrow?