Jack Rogers and Jackie O

Jack Rogers sandals exist since 1960. I have been wearing them since I was 25. As I am now 63, you can do the math. I adore collecting the different colors, and I equally adore pairing them with a cashmere sweater or poncho color that I have done for the season in my boutique. As you can see in the pictures, some are more vintage that others. I have sold them in my boutique over the past several years. French ladies love the story that it was a favorite sandal of Jackie Onassis. One of America's most loved ladies. I have also collected pictures of Jackie wearing them.....Miami, N.Y, Capri, Greece, Martha's Vineyard, on the boat with JFK. She was always so pretty and chic when she was wearing them. In Miami, she had on a white linen dress with a white silk mousseline scarf wrapped around her head. On the island of Capri she was wearing the sandals with.....white cotton slim pants.....in Maine, they were teamed with a large yellow checked sleeveless round necked dress, and on the boat with her husband, a wonderful one piece swimsuit made out of a beautiful printed cotton. Needless to say, she is wearing her signature sunglasses in each picture.
Do yourselves a favor girls, get your own pair of Jack Rogers sandals. I swear you will never look back. Start with a basic like the metals.....gold or silver.....or the white ones with the pastel colored spots (the original and one of Mrs. O's choices)......the beige or camel or black are easy, also. Next, treat yourself to a great summer color. GO ON....that's what's fun about summer. Put some sunshine in your life, girls, you deserve it. That's what I am THINKING.

Love you all, Linda

P.S. I want to say a special thank you for the wonderful comments that are being made for my blog. They give me a smile. Gives me the feeling that there is some complicity, and nothing could make me happier. My objective is to make you smile right back.

Oh, and another thing. I almost forgot!!! My daughter, India, has a blog and she did a little film of us in my shop last week. If you want to check it out, this is her blog:


Magazines and Me

Yes, I am guilty. Yes, I do it regularly. No, I do not regret it. Yes, I will continue....

Those are my feelings about my addiction. Fashion magazines, folks. I LOVE them. They have shaped my life. My first memory of reading a real fashion magazine was when I was fourteen years of age. Hamlin, Texas.....We are talking way West, Texas....population of about 500, and I was visiting relatives. My sister and cousin were 16 and definitely not interested in letting me hang out with them. They were out flirting with the local young cowboys. I was left with that pile of magazines I found on the floor in my cousin's room. Little did I know, my life was about to change. I opened the first page and was transported to a world I had never been priviledged to be a part of.

You see, I grew up in a very rural part of Texas. Cotton farms and ranches. We wore jeans and boots. Those girls on those pages!!! OH, MY!!! They wore make-up and they wore pretty dresses. Where had I been all my life? There was no turning back for me. It took me the whole weekend to finish every page in every one of those magazines. Maybe no one else noticed, but believe me, folks, I was a changed girl.

My staples are every nationality of Vogue. Bazaar's are top of my list, also. I have plastic folders full of sheets I have torn out over the years. They are divided into categories.......Decoration, Travel, Sweaters, Accessories, Hair, Beauty........O.K., I will stop. You get the picture. Fashion magazines are still an important source of inspiration for me. I respect very much the effort and vision of the team of people who put these on our news stands.

By the way, these are my new purchases for the summer. Maui Jim sunglasses and a new pair of red sandals from St. Tropez. My next purchase for the summer will have to wait until I am back home.
Nothing will stop me from buying a new straw cowboy hat just like the one I used to wear when I was on the farm in West Texas. It is such a good feeling to know that somethings never change.

I promise you a picture of that!!! Love from me, Linda


Summer Cashmere Colors

As this was another long holiday weekend in France, I am back in St. Tropez for four days.
I justified the decision, because next week will be grueling for me as I am spending the days with my website master. He will be teaching me how to operate my e-commerce.
This should be up and running within two weeks. Has only taken me ONE YEAR to get it together. I am not what you could call a quick study. NEVER understood that expression.

As I did not want to check a piece of luggage, I packed very lightly indeed. All went into my extra-large LL Bean Boat and Tote:

One bright fushia poncho. As you can see, early morning on the terrace was cool and I was happy to have my poncho to throw on over my pyjamas. Such a versatile piece. I always have one with me wherever I go. Yes, even to Texas for my summer visit. The airconditioning is lethal in that state!!!

One bright orange cardigan. I love bright colored cashmere for the summer. Teaming this with a great pair of light weight wide legged jeans and a clean White T and I am as dressed up as I ever want to be.

One Pair of Pearl Earrings. This is new for me as I do not DO a lot of jewelry. However, as I have had this particular pair of earrings for about 18 years, I decided it is time to start enjoying them. They have been safe in my "hiding place" for too long. Time to make their presence known. Beach? Pearls? Why not?

So, here it is in a nutshell: two pieces of cashmere, two pairs of jeans (one blue - one white),
three white t-shirts and my tropezienne sandals. Next posting will be to show you my collection of Rondini sandals..........the original maker of the Tropezienne Gladiator Sandal. Still making them by hand in the back of their boutique. Open and making since 1927. I really think you will like these.

Back to Paris tomorrow. xx Linda


Heaven for Me

This pictures says it all. My heaven on earth is as follows:

1) Beach.....in this case Pamplonne (Ramatuelle/St. Tropez)

2)Beach Bag with beach essentials......in this case Goyard

3) Lightweight cashmere sweater......in this case, well, you know!!!

My favorite time to be on a beach is when it is just cool enough, that at any given moment, one needs to slip on a sweater. The feeling of being outdoors with sun, sea and sand under the feet makes me happy. Simple as that.

Presently, I am prospecting places in the sun to spend a few days with my daughters this summer. Have narrowed the choice down to Greece, Spain or Italy. Now, this is so much fun trying to choose the right place for us. So many heavens to discover!!!

Let you know what I decide. Big kiss to you all, Linda