Hello Mr. Schuman

Cannot understand why a relatively new - modern hotel cannot serve their guests with a simple internet connection. When I called reception to complain, they sent up four pages of instructions to follow with options for different problems. Hello!!! Just make it work, please.
They did not and I could not. So 3 days later and safe and sound with my personal livebox. Have just realized what a wonderful relationship we have. I will never take him/her for granted again.

Sartorialist? Yes, of course you know the man behind this. Mr. Scot Schuman. I think he is amazing and I follow his blog on a daily basis. He has an amazing eye and knows style in any and all directions. So, when I saw him in Florence (he was aiming his camera at a good looking Italian man), I decided to introduce myself. A bit embarrassing, but thought anybody loves admiration, right? I called out his name, he looked around and I said, "Mr. Schuman, this is probably the only time I will have this opportunity, so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog". Simple as that.......He said thank you and I said goodbye. So, eat your heart out, girls, he is really so very handsome with a great twinkle in his eye.
Every morning before my research at Pitti Uomo, I stop by this wonderful place for coffee. I hate to admit it, but this is the story. It just happens to be the Caffee for the Roberto Cavalli shop. The man behind the best animal prints for clothes. I order two of these delights called "marrachino". Extra FOAMO, please. My italian.....just add an O at the end.

Have a great weekend, Linda

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KatyE. a dit…

I loved that you approach "The Sartorialist" himself and told him how much you admired him!
I did a similar thing but not as contained. I met up with "Rizzo" from the movie "Greese" and ended up sitting next to her at the bar. I was at first, not going to say anything, but then I figured "When is this going to happen again?" And....ended up with too much enthusiasm-shouted out-to her astonishment, "OH MY GOD IT´S STOCKARD CHANNING! I scared the living daylights out of her, making her jump out of her seat and look around for "her people" and then I continued to say how much I admired her and how great she looked. My friends were appauled but we laughed all the way to the next club! Some people would think this to invade her space...but I still think that this is part of her job as an actress. When you "put yourself out there", this is part of the territory. And...this was just in good spirit, even though I wasn´t pretty elegant about it!

Violette a dit…

Happy New year Linda,

Je suis Pauline, je vous avait acheté ce magnifique poncho kaki que vous m'aviez expédié par la postei en septembre dernier, puis j'étais venue à la boutique pour le noir mais je n'avais pas eu la chance de vous rencontrer.
Je souhaitais savoir quand votre shop online va ouvrir. Je suis folle de votre béret (celui que votre fille porte sur les photos de NY) mais je suis en Chine pour le moment...

J'adore votre blog et votre style. Continuez ainsi!


Judy a dit…

First of all YUM for that extra Foamo Italian masterpiece of a drink.
Don't you just love coming face to face with someone you admire. Glad you took the opportunity to tell him. I'm sure he thought you looked great also. We all admire your eye Kiddo. Thanks for the nice trip to Florence.