Don't Mess With Texas Women

On a recent trip to Texas (remember, that is where I call home), I roamed around my old stomping grounds with my Sis and my Aunt Becca. We went to the Stock Yards for lunch at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. Fresh guacamole salad prepared at the table, crispy nachos with a perfect salsa sauce and a Root Beer served in a frosty mug. Does this all sound like a foreign language? It can and I understand............Texas is a country all on its own. Actually, it is said that Ft. Worth is where the West begins. It is also said that Texas has some of the most beautiful women. If beauty is to be measured by force of character, then, hell, I agree 100%.
I grew up dressing just like this young lady. I love that 50 years later some of the best dressed girls I know are still wearing those West Texas Classics. I'm thinking this young lady could care less about the latest Louboutins. Something to be said for that!!!
However, her boots are an original design for her and hand made just for her.

Next post? Tomorrow, I promise I will give you the secret address of where the most savy of Texas women (and men) order their boots. Now, yall be good, ya hear. Translation of Texas talk: Take care and see you soon!!! See Ya, Linda

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Judy a dit…

Sister, Sister, Sister
That was a fun time we had mingling with the Cowboys of Fort Worth. I remember that young Cowgal. She is just toooo cute. I love her look and I'm sure she is not even aware of Louboutins. Keep up the good Texas work Girlfriend. We all know your Texas at heart.

KatyE. a dit…

I am so loving what you write. I have been only to Houston, Texas and it was too much city to get a real impression of Texas. I did notice, being a New Yorker, that EVERYTHING is MUCH BIGGER IN TEXAS. The women´s hair, heels, purses, and food servings at restaurants were massive! I did feel like I was in another country at times.
One thing I really miss is the American hospitality and nothing can measure up to the "Southern hospitality!"
Two of my "Must Haves" in life are actually cowboy boots and a REAL cowboy hat! Maybe it´s because I miss America.
I just love that you write about your backround! So great! Keep it coming!!!!! And...THANK YOU!