My Weekend.......The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Night.

I ate chocolate from La Maison de Chocolat and I watched The Complete Fourth Season of Gossip Girl.

I am not embarrassed. I am not sorry. I enjoyed every lame minute of it. I love Blair, I love Serena, but most of all, I love Chuck.

I want to personally thank my daughter, Tatiana, who introduced me to Gossip Girl when she was still living at home and accepted to spend some evenings catching up on the latest series of GG with me by her side.

Now that she has left home for a higher education in the US of A, I thought I would give it up......GG that is. Well, guess what? It ain't happening. I LOVEEEEEE Gossip Girl.

I have admitted it and I feel good about it. Have a great week, everybody. I am starting a detox from La Chocolate.

xoxo You know you Love Me ( a line from Gossip Girl)

4 commentaires:

KatyE. a dit…

HAHAHAHHA! I have an 18 yr. old who loves that show and yes, we have the DVD´s at home. I usually watch it with her and love to look at all the clothes-they are to die for!! So much fun to follow them in NYC! I think a lot of Mothers watch it with their teenage daughters or sons- just not too many are honest to admit to it....! And, while I´m at it..I mind as well admit to watching the Bold and Beautiful too! (that´s just me!) Hehehhe! It´s the fashion scene and clothes!!!!

Love what you write!!!!

Linda Wright a dit…

Love that you always understand me, Katy.
Soooo enjoy your encouraging comments.
Very generous of you.

Huge hugs from me on a lovely fall day in Paris.
xxxxxxx's Linda

Jennifer a dit…

Chuck's voice with chocolate = perfect nights :)

Linda Wright a dit…

Oh Jennifer.........you got it right!!!! xxxxx's Linda