Any Guys Out There?

I spent this sunday afternoon changing the men's window at Crimson. Yea, I know I lead an exciting life!!! Working on sunday....... In fact, I love doing the windows. This is when I can be a little creative with all the shopping and manufacturing I have done for this Fall/Winter season for my shop. I can actually play with all those scarves and sweaters. Mix and match or unmatch in a way that totally tickles my fancy. This is the fun part of being the boss. No one to say, "Hey, what is that about, don't understand it, or get rid of it". The lovely girls who work with me do sometimes give me a very quizzical look, but being the well brought up french ladies they are, any "What the hell are you thinking" comments are kept in tact.

Scarves are becoming a bigger and better part of my collection. I went absolutely crazy buying scarves for Crimson this fall. I must have 100 different styles and then at least 3, 5 or 7 color ways in each style and then 5 to 25 pieces in each color. Count that all up and for my little shop, it is overwhelming. Funny the remarks I hear from my clients. Everyone is appreciating the incredible choices offered. It is so satisfying for me to make my clients happy.

SOCKS..........yes, I always have at least 30 colors for the gentlemen to choose from. I do the same colors in wool and cotton. Both qualities are the best to be found.... Australian wool and Egyptian cotton. Crimson has been manufacturing socks for 25 years now. I have an amazing clientel of men who keeping coming back for more. Every nationality of man seems to buy my socks. I do ship them around the world. I only manufacture socks that come just under the knee. Any well dressed man knows that is the ONLY sock to wear. Right, guys? I do like the no sock approach, also. It is one or the other, of course. No short socks!!! Never!!! No exceptions!!!
Well, except for sports.

Thought you might like to see some Crimson products for a change. Ladies window gets changed soon. Will give you a peek at that if you like.

Happy Halloween tomorrow.........Linda

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Jenny-Kate a dit…

Yeah I like it!
A British Touch and a little Chuck Bass's outfit touch :)
I relly love the first pic'

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Linda,
Your daughter has the best fashion blog out there so you can trust her. I love how honest you are, the way you write and tell us in a simple way how extraordinary your life is. You are a beautiful person.
Much love,
Ysa x

Linda Wright a dit…

Ysa X,

I wanted to say thank you for your comment. thank you for India and thank you for me.
Love to you, Linda

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Mrs Wright,

Do you have any shop assistant position? if so, how can one proceed in order to work at Crimson?

ps: keep the blog running, love its reading ; )

Linda Wright a dit…

Thank you for your inquiry, but my staff is complete. Best of luck to you and so very happy you enjoy my blog.......Very best regards to you, Linda