Jack Rogers and Jackie O

Jack Rogers sandals exist since 1960. I have been wearing them since I was 25. As I am now 63, you can do the math. I adore collecting the different colors, and I equally adore pairing them with a cashmere sweater or poncho color that I have done for the season in my boutique. As you can see in the pictures, some are more vintage that others. I have sold them in my boutique over the past several years. French ladies love the story that it was a favorite sandal of Jackie Onassis. One of America's most loved ladies. I have also collected pictures of Jackie wearing them.....Miami, N.Y, Capri, Greece, Martha's Vineyard, on the boat with JFK. She was always so pretty and chic when she was wearing them. In Miami, she had on a white linen dress with a white silk mousseline scarf wrapped around her head. On the island of Capri she was wearing the sandals with.....white cotton slim pants.....in Maine, they were teamed with a large yellow checked sleeveless round necked dress, and on the boat with her husband, a wonderful one piece swimsuit made out of a beautiful printed cotton. Needless to say, she is wearing her signature sunglasses in each picture.
Do yourselves a favor girls, get your own pair of Jack Rogers sandals. I swear you will never look back. Start with a basic like the metals.....gold or silver.....or the white ones with the pastel colored spots (the original and one of Mrs. O's choices)......the beige or camel or black are easy, also. Next, treat yourself to a great summer color. GO ON....that's what's fun about summer. Put some sunshine in your life, girls, you deserve it. That's what I am THINKING.

Love you all, Linda

P.S. I want to say a special thank you for the wonderful comments that are being made for my blog. They give me a smile. Gives me the feeling that there is some complicity, and nothing could make me happier. My objective is to make you smile right back.

Oh, and another thing. I almost forgot!!! My daughter, India, has a blog and she did a little film of us in my shop last week. If you want to check it out, this is her blog:

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KatyE. a dit…

Well, I bet you´re not surprised to learn that Yes, I had to check out the video!!!! It was such fun to see and even though I cannot understand much of what is said, I think you both are so cute and I loved to see your lovely boutique!!!! Being a New Yorker, I especially loved the Statue of Liberty scarf! Do you have any more of those?
Loved the sandals and the fact that you have many of them-just different colors!!! Do you have size 41 or American size 10?
Love, Katy

Anonyme a dit…

Oulala que c'est joli toutes ces couleurs. Je vais commencer par acheter la valise...., on veut toutes les emporter.
Mme B

The Local Blogger a dit…

The third and forth photos are so cute! These sandals are really nice.