Pearls and Mademoiselle Chanel

Fashion is fun!!! Proof being what I have just posted for pictures. Yes, indeed there is snow on the ground in Paris and pearl sandals in the windows of Chanel. Actually, it is kind of uplifting. Picture the situation........Me in my rubber sole boots, trying not to slip on the sidewalk with all the ice and snow on the ground.........and as I pass in front on the Chanel shop on ave. Montaigne, a bright smile comes across my face. Could not help it. Just put joy in my heart. This is what we call The Cruise Wear season in fashion jargon. Wedged in between the winter and summer collections is this charming seasonal collection. It is just always so surprising to witness its rebirth each year. Just when we are tiring of the harshness of the winter weather, just like magic, pretty little images starting creeping into the pages of the magazines and in the windows of the most beautiful boutiques. All of a sudden, I was transported to a far away island with these pretty sandals on my feet and a panama on my head.
Reality? No, thank you!!!

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Judy a dit…

What Fun!!!!!!
I could never in my wildest imagination picture those sandals on my feet. I will learn to dream bigger because of that image. Love the Chanel doll. Is that want little girls of fashion want for Christmas. So glad it brought a smile to your heart and face.

Anonyme a dit…

On adopte les dolls et les perles. Quelle bonne idée cette fenêtre sur le soleil.
Bonne journée
Mme B

KatyE. a dit…

Totally love the Chanel doll! Are they for purchase? I would love one on my vanity table! And I just love what you write. Love dreaming and fantasizing about being someplace else. But, God, you are in Paris....I am in a little southern town in Norway for crying out loud! I dream of Paris, London and NYC!