Mini Moke's and Marine's T-Shirts in St. Tropez

This is my favorite car to drive while in St. Tropez..........the Mini Moke.........I discovered it when I first came to visit about 25 years ago. My other St. Tropez discovery is this vintage shop by the port. It has simply the best selection of vintage sailor's t-shirts imagineable. However, the selection of vintage clothing does not stop with just the t-shirts. I found a great pair of white gabardine sailor's pants, also. Nothing better than throwing those pants on with one of these old soft stripped t-shirts. Obviously, in the middle of winter, St. Tropez calls for a great navy cashmere cardigan or a warm cashmere crew neck with a pretty print silk scarf. I am always in the mood for that look when having a drink on the port while watching the boats come and go or having lunch by the fire place at Club 55.
St. Tropez is only a one and half hour flight from Paris, so it makes for a great weekend getaway. Nice change of pace.........believe me.......and yes, I know I am a very lucky girl.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

On aimerait voir ce look marin très chic (pour copier of course)
Je vous embrasse
Mme B.

Anonyme a dit…

Oui c'est vrai on aimerait bien avoir une photo de ce look marin chic. Bises

KatyE. a dit…

Love reading everything you write. I had the pleasure of visiting St. Tropez myself a couple of years ago. Amazing place and awesome shopping! (I grew up in NY so I say it with a NY accent). I see you are from Texas! New Yorkers and Texans have a lot in common..we like doing things grand!
P.s- I love that you know you are a lucky girl! ;-)