I have such trouble being 100% serious when I get dressed in the morning.
Or in the evening for that matter!!! Looking for the right words here..... sophisticated and refined....whatever, I just can never pull it off. As soon as I start feeling like my efforts are going to sound off the "I am trying to look smart" alarm, I panic. NO, I will never be on anyone's best dressed list. I would love to learn the trick, however. Yes, now I am being serious. The ladies that I admire the most in the way they dress are the ladies who ARE polished and totally own
their style. They were born with it....money does not buy it. I do feel that a step in the right direction is owning a few quality classic pieces. This particularly beautiful autumn day found me on Ave. Montaigne in Paris wearing a few of my favorite classics.

Mackintosh Leopard print Raincoat
Hermes Silk Twill Scarf
Cashmere cardigan from my shop Crimson
Vintage 501 Levis
Handmade Jodphur boots from John Lobb

I chose some bright pinks and oranges to off-set the leopard print.
Those Levis are too short you are saying? Yes, indeed they are. On the other hand, one can admire my egyptian cotton socks (Crimson has them in 40 colors) that go nicely with my gorgeous boots. Oh, and before I forget, every girl needs a pair of pearl earrings. I feel almost "polished" when I put them on.
Je vous embrasse, Linda

6 commentaires:

Emilie Maud a dit…

You look amazing, would love to have a mum like you, I'am 23, trying to be stylist here in Paris,not that easy, wish you the Best,

Linda Wright a dit…

Maud, that is the most flattering comment this mom could ever have. Persistence and Passion will get you where you want to go in this business. Believe me...
Thank you, darling, for that wonderful comment.

P.S. Do you read my daughter's blog?
The young lady who helped me set up my blog...
www.kenzasmg.blogspot.com has great fashion energy. Enjoy them both.....

Gene a dit…

Lookin' good Linda. We love you. Keep those insights coming. Love your perspective.

Judy a dit…

Sister, Your blog is Wonderful. I love being able to see what you're wearing and where you're going.

Maud a dit…

Yes I do, India is such of wonderful beauty like you... thanks for your lovely answer. I hope catch you one day when i'll buy some of your great V-neck cashmere :-)

reinette a dit…

Hitchcock bien sûr
vous aurait adoré
J'attends toujours les nouveautés de ce blog avec impatience
Suis une groupie je crois
Je vous embrasse