That Perfecto Jacket

I have mentioned before that I do not believe in disguising myself as my daughters. Well, sometimes I get confused. Case in point is this motorcycle jacket that you see me wearing in one picture and then my daughters wearing the same jacket in the other picture. The original motorcyle jacket was popularized by Schott's Perfecto. American design made years and years and well, years ago. Fashion lesson: This new one by Balenciaga was born only about two years ago. I should know!!! I broke down and bought two at the same time....However, I thought it would be the perfect Christmas gift and I bought one for each of my daughters. My gift was a huge success.........they wear them constantly and two years later the jacket looks almost better than the day I bought it. This is what I call a good investment. Money well spent!!!

The funny thing is, I did not feel I could pull it off. One day, however, my older daughter's father showed up in my boutique with this huge package from Balenciaga. Present for me.........seems he felt that I could and should have The Balenciaga Jacket. Cannot tell you how happy I was to receive it as a present. Took the responsability off my shoulders of feeling ridiculous for buying it for myself.

This picture of me was taken in Paris about a week ago. I feel I must keep the rest of my look as casual as possible to feel comfortable when wearing said jacket. Hence, jeans, my Kelly bag and a great pair of old penny loafers. Yea, that works. Now, my daughters!!! India and I came to New York this weekend to visit Tatiana, my younger daughter who just started college in the USA. Total coincidence that they were both wearing their jackets today. So, I snapped this picture to show you the difference. They just naturally pull theirs off with a different dress attitude. After comparing the pictures, I feel more confident that I do not look like I am trying to dress like my daughters. So, thanks Francois, for giving me the courage to just go for it.

Tatiana, on the left side of the photo is wearing an oversized cashmere beret from the current collection in CRIMSON. What better compliment for me than when my girls go for something in my shop.

I wish you all as great a weekend as I am having with my Mother-Daughter Reunion in NYC.

Love to you, Linda

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Judy a dit…

Love Back Atcha. Look at those beautiful daughter. How could they fail in the beauty category with parents and good genes they are blessed with. You all look great and the same jacket is wonderful. You can pull it off with ease. Enjoy your Mother-Daughter Reunion in the big apple. Take a big bite for yourself.

reneebenhamou a dit…

Quelle belle famille!!!!! et quelle belle lumière sur New York suis jalouse d'être restée clouée à Paris... Vous êtes toutes les trois rayonnantes et ce perfecto une bombe. Linda il est très bien sur vous alors il faudra l'aérer plus souvent et cette couleur camel ALL IS BEAUTIFUL. Bon maintenant il faut reprendre le chemin des écoliers et au travail hein pour trouver de jolies choses pour les gentilles clientes de chez CRIMSON.
A Bientôt. Reinette.
PS : my Apple is not big .....

KatyE. a dit…

Such fun to read and to see the wonderful photos of you and your girls in the gorgeous Balenciaga jackets! They are all so soft looking. (Soft as in feminine looking). I love all the looks and colors. Black is so different than the browns, so I can see how you bought the both! Lucky daughters you have! And the loving gesture came right back to you by receiving yours -in a warmer color -as a gift! What goes around...comes around!