Shoes, Scarves and Olive Bread

It has been a very busy week. Preparation for an update on my website has got me crazy. Trying to decide the best direction for my new blog is proving to be a challenge. However, there are truly talented people out there, and I am fortunate enough to have good teams on both projects. These will be coming out simultaneously in about three weeks......

All work and no play!!! No way!!! I decided to walk around Paris a bit on saturday and just let my eye wander. I told the girls in my shop that I needed some air. They laugh knowing that means danger...........shopping.........YAY.........I felt I deserved a try on here and there.

I have been looking for some new short boots for this winter. Cannot find what I want, so I bought something I did not need. Makes sense. Found these great tassled loafers by Paul Smith. He just happens to be someone I have known in the fashion business for about 25 years. Paul has travelled the world over and has boutiques all over the world also, so one day I asked him what was his favorite place to shop in the world. His response was spontaneous. He replied, "Show me a hardware store, and I am a happy chap". He is the king of quirky details in everything he does. I love that the inside of the shoe is printed with garden roses and written For Men Only. I plan on wearing these tomorrow with grey flannel pants that are just a little too short so as to make Paul's shoes stand out. Will be teaming that with a dark grey paper thin t-shirt and deep raspberry colored cardigan (crew neck with tone on tone grosgrain up the front). Socks are important, and I have quite a selection that I sell for ladies chez Crimson. My wool knee-high ones in dark chocolate will do the trick.

Remember all the scarves I told you Crimson was selling this season? Well, as I have no discipline, I just fell in love with one that is NOT in my shop. Damn Hermes!!! Leave it to them to come up with just the most beautiful new technique of making a silk scarf. It is called Overdyed. After their usual process of print screening, the scarf is dipped into a dye to give it an overall color and a certain vintage allure. What can I say, it seemed perfect with the new shoes.......

This several seasons old Marni bag actually belongs to my youngest daughter, Tatiana. As she left it behind, I am borrowing it. Loving the print and colors that seem to blend easily with everything but black. Do not worry, Tatiana, you can have it back when you want.

Are you asking yourselves what this last picture has to do with anything? Nothing, except that I discovered two new addresses today for my sunday afternoon tea. The rue de Verneuil address is an epicierie and bio and among others wonderful items sells delicious home made nut and date bars. The other is a boulangerie (bakery) just around the corner from me. Funny, how I have just walked by for the last few months. Not today.....walked in and found my favorite.....Olive bread.

Now, all that shopping and discovering was fun. Just lifted my spirits right up and away......

Love to you All, Linda

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caroline nie a dit…

Hi Linda,

Hoped you remembered me? I am from Hong Kong. About 1 year ago, I came across your blog. Also,at the time I was interviewing for a counsultant job.
Anyway, 1 year had passed and the consultancy work will be over by end of this month.
I will have to move on to other things.
I would like to seek your advise as I will be turning 50 on Monday.
Wanted to get a birthday present form myself but have no clue.
Any suggestions?

Linda Wright a dit…

Remember you? Of course. Suggestions? Again, of course. I will tell you things I love right now.......It should be something you will want to keep forever. Maybe putting it away from time to time but forever bringing it back out.......

1) The OUI ring that Victoire de Castellane created for Dior. She says it is just to say OUI pour la Vie. Yes to Life in english. It has nothing to do with being engaged or getting married. It is You saying yes to your life........
I love it and I bought it for myself.........Nice to wear it with two or three other smaller rings.......See Garance Dore's blog.......type in rings or bagues and you will see the ring.....

2) A dip-dyed or Surteinte scarf from Hermes. Gorgeous and totally new from them.......GO have a look at the nearest Hermes shop near you, darling.

3)Pearls.......earrings, bracelet or necklace......So pretty and feminin.

4)Diamond earrings........Does not have to be super expensive. There are many out there right now that just make your face a little more luminous when wearing them.

5) Peek-a-Boo bag from Fendi. Just the coolest bag to have right now and forever........I am lusting after a chocolate colored one......Have been lusting for two years........I do not always indulge my desires right away. Needed to make sure it stayed in my mind longer than a minute.......It HAS........

6) A little trip that you would love to do. Indulge yourself for even just a weekend......It is YOURS not somebody else's 50th.

GO out there and Make it Your Gift to Yourself.

Love to you and Happy Happy Birthday, Caroline.

KatyE. a dit…

LOVE THE SHOES AND THE SCARF!!!!! Those are my favorite colors for Fall. Warm colors has so much richness about them!
You are so funny.... -going for a walk...only to go to another beautiful shop! We all need some new impulses and sometimes- there is a need to see something else that isn´t right in front of you on a daily basis. I simply LOVE HERMES! I am into the "Indian Style." And I just purchased a pair of men´s shoes for women here in Norway. I wear them with my poncho with tassels, skirt and a tie.
-Still loving your Blog!!!! Take Care!