Going, Going, Gone Grey

Yes, I was a little shocked when I saw the outcome of these pictures that India took of me on the beach yesterday. There is no more denying it. Yes, I have become a grey-haired lady.
You may think me crazy, but honestly, I am loving it. Yes, I did say loving it. I feel healthy and happy. No pretending that they are not there, no more worrying that it is about that time to call my colorist. I miss him and will send a Christmas card.

Next question is this. Can I still pull off these Liberty Print shorts? I brought them along on this vacation not knowing if I would have the courage to actually put them on. They are from my last spring/summer collection chez Crimson. Weather elements gave me the perfect opportunity.While it is definitely sunny in Miami, the beach can be a tad cool when the clouds roll in. Hence, shorts and a sweater. Crimson's ladies crew neck is one of my all time favorites. With the new knitting process I have just done, it is now woven more loosely which gives it a lighter and more softer feel on the body. So, the situation was there, and I took advantage. However, the question still remains. Are these particular shorts age appropriate?
My vote is still out, but India and Tatiana told me they thought I looked pretty. Now, that my dear friends, gave me confidence and put a smile on my face.

I am a firm believer that one must make errors in order to advance. I am so far ahead by now!!!

Lots of xxxxx's Linda

7 commentaires:

Rachel O. a dit…

Fabulous, timeless and stunning are the words I would use to describe you, both in the shorts and grey! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your equally fabulous daughters! xx

Anonyme a dit…

This outfit looks stunning on u! Go Linda you are simply shinning!

Jenny-Kate a dit…

You look so pretty!
Your legs are superb! Don't worry, you wear this short perfectly and I think is appropriate beacause you wear it simply (and chic) :)

Ho and Happy thanksgiving to all your family, have a nice day and a good meal :)

xx, Jenn

lua j a dit…

You look beautiful as usual!! (and i love those shorts!)
happy thanksgiving!

Anonyme a dit…

You are an incredible woman to be admired. I am the same age as your daughters, but nevertheless you inspire me so much with your as french call it ''légèreté''. You remind me of my mother with your ability to look gorgeous with grey hair and impeccable sense of colors ! Cheers to that!

Anonyme a dit…

linda, thanks for putting into words the dilemma of aging for all of us. you are the prime example that it can be done gracefully. full speed ahead, you look great

KatyE. a dit…

First of all, I loved reading these prior comments! I agree with all! You look simply PERFECT- and not because of the gorgeous grey hair or the long and lean legs- IT´S YOUR CHARM!

Happy belated Thanksgiving and enjoy your days with your daughters!

Klem, Katy