Random in NYC

Yes, random in New York, because I am definitely running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (old Texas expression). Maybe one reason why I am vegetarian.

Love this picture of Tatiana in her long Alexander Wang T-shirt dress. Do not think I could pull this off, but would have loved to try. Comfort, comfort, comfort.......On her style, style style.
She teamed it with her bright green Balenciaga bag. Just a word on bags........I personally love to buy bags for myself and my girls. Cannot help myself. For me they are investment pieces and great to wear with jeans and t's or other paired down items. Makes or breaks the look.

That long scarf is from CRIMSON. Had them in the shop for this summer and they literally flew out the door. They are made out of 100% modal and have vintage Italian photos printed on them. However, the winning point I believe is in the color ways. All neutrals which mix and match with everything. I wrap mine around several times and make it shorter. Tatiana preferred hers long with her dress this day. Still wearing her Tropezienne's. Last days of summer essential.

My girls and I always stop in at Liza Nails on Madison Ave. for a quick mani-pedi when we arrive in NYC. Tatiana went for a fall color from Essie nail polishes. Essie's are my favorite. So happy I can find them in Paris now.

Love, love, love this bag. Obviously a copy of the Goyard. Am thinking about buying this one before I leave, because I love the Whatever aspect of it......

Eli Zabar has the best delicatessens on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As they are close to my hotel, I always pop in for a great and quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is 7:30 a.m., and I am ready for that breakfast before I go out on another random day in NYC.

Big hugs from The Big Apple, Linda

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KatyE. a dit…

Another day with a great reading from your blog! Love the photos! Such fun! Am I going to have to come to Paris to buy your scarves, or do you sell them online?
Hope you are having a ball in NYC today!!!!

Best regards, Katy

Anonyme a dit…

Tres beau le sac et le reste aussi d'ailleurs.
Surtout le joli mannequin.
Profitez bien de ce reste de vacances.
A bientôt
Mme B

Linda Wright a dit…

Katie, Crimson can always work something out for you!!! Glad you like them........

Linda Wright a dit…

Special thoughts for my Madame B.
Mission accomplished for your Juicy Couture et those Belgian Shoes. Am coming home with both items!!!

Anonyme a dit…

J'ai beaucoup de chance.... Mille mercis pour ce special shopping for me. Juicy va bien me servir....
Je vous embrasse
Mme B

Anonyme a dit…

hello ! est ce que Crimson fait des collections printemps/ été ?