Joelle - Style is her Job

You might remember when I mentioned Joelle about a year ago? She had just invited me to a lovely house she had redesigned and redecorated in St. Remy de Provence.
Joelle has worked as a longtime collaborator for many important people in the fashion and interior design world. She worked along side Christian Liaigre in the beginning of his important career. Karl Lagerfeld called upon her to revamp Chanel accessories and his private homes. Joelle was responsable for bringing Karl from 18th century to the present with her impeccable eye for what is beautiful NOW.......in the PRESENT.
There are a lot of people I admire in the way they dress themselves or their homes. However, if I had to name one for whom I could follow as my guru, that would be Joelle.
She is modern without being mode........she is classy without being boring......she is STYLE in every sense of the word. Her world revolves around it. One week she is in England deciding on the right woods with the right veins for a brownstone in NYC, another week she hops a plane to Pisa to visit a marble quarry. Let me see, now........oh yes, how about those oversized japanese bonsai plants she insisted on finding for a terrace in Cannes. The client in Biarritz wants to redo the pool, so Joelle starts visiting the "best" stones in France. Those beautiful linens she found for me in Belgium!!! Endless is her research for every detail. Personally, I am embarrassed for my inquisitive looks each time I see her. Oh yes, I want to know where she gets everything. She is generous........she gives with pleasure all her favorite addresses. Now that is STYLE.

Sweater - Lucien Pellet Finet
T-Shirt - Marni
Pant - Current Elliott
Sandals - K Jacques
Bag - Prada
Bracelets.........from around the world
Hair Barrette - Odile Gilbert for Colette
Eye Glasses - Tom Ford

Raining in Paris........Too wet for my jogging in the Tuileries...........GREAT, I will go have a Mocha Soya at Rose Bakery.............

Love you, Linda

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Judyofthefort a dit…

Joelle is what I want to be in my next life. Love that sweater. Jeeze I love her life. She needs to write a book on her finds and experiences. She is one lucky gal to be in your life, talk about style. In Spades My Dear