Florence and her Hermes

This lovely lady is Florence, and she has been working with me for 15 years now.
Florence brightens my day. She smiles as she walks in the door, her giggles are contagious, and when she leaves in the evening, there is a goodbye and a genuine smile for everyone. There is not one day with or one day without. She is constant.......

In french there is a saying: Bon Chic Bon Genre
Loosely translated, that means Nicely Chic and Nice Person
Yep, Florence, once again. Her personal style is french bourgois at its finest and in the nicest sense of that expression. She was quite shy at the idea of me taking her picture, but never says no when she can help out...........

Today she is wearing a great indigo blue T-Shirt from Crimson, sky blue cotton slim pants and navy cashmere blazer from Arthur and Fox. Those lovely navy patent ballet shoes are from Lanvin (I secretly covet those!!!).

However, what caught my eye were those bags. I love the combo!!!
Red LL Bean is her lunch bag. I gave that to her for her birthday. You can order yours on-line.
Navy blue Hermes Kelly given to her 44 years ago by her husband for the birth of their first child. Pierre Henri only invests in quality. He knew quality when he saw Florence.......

Love you Flo Flo (my pet name for her)

3 commentaires:

Judyofthefort a dit…

Flawless Flo Flo. I love her also. She is always so friendly I feel like i'm back in Texas. Dang nice push gift as we call that gift given at birth of children to the Mom from the Pops. I would try it again for that beautiful Hermes Kelly bag. Just kidding. Love Ya Flo Flo.

MsMary a dit…

je laisse très rarement des commentaires sur les blogs mais je ne peux plus résister. Quel plaisir de lire vos posts pleins de bon gout et de joie de vivre.
Une française a NY

Samstoumi a dit…

Je suis tomber sur votre blog par le biais d india insights vous ete juste magnifique et vos post sont raffines et très classe bravo et continuez comme ça;)