St. Tropez and the Place des Lices Market

My beloved St. Tropez......J'adore St. Tropez
Then again who does not love St. Tropez?
Fed up with trying to finish my website, frustrated with unusually hot weather in Paris (not good for cashmere sales), I decided I needed some distance in order to think better.
Are you laughing now at my lame excuses? I am trying not to feel guilty for having left the problems in Paris. However, after having spent only 3 wonderful days in St. Trop, I am feeling energetic and highly....yes, I said highly, positive again.

St. Tropez has an open air market all year long on every tuesday and saturday of the week. The locals frequent it for buying their fresh fruits and vegetables. The tourists enjoy the dozens of stands selling local produce and very provencial articles. I love buying the baskets the ladies use for carrying their fruit and vegetables. I used to carry them as my summer beach bag.........I have since switched to using them in my laundry room.

When I get my website up, maybe I can have a special St. Tropez accessories section. I could throw in those great striped t-shirts or locally made espadrilles, or.........See? My energy is back again..........I Love St. Topez

XX's To You All, Linda

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KatyE. a dit…

I have been once to St. Tropez and I LOVED IT! I loved the little town and the feeling I had being there! I went to a funny dive of a diner/restaurant on the beach there run by a diva of a woman. She is Norwegian and knows the jet set people from back in the 1960´s. I can´t remember her name but her place is pretty popular. She is married to a French man and I think she is in her 70´s. She looks, however like she is 50! Maybe you have heard about this place?!