Hermes Forever!!!

Do you have something in your closet that just makes you feel good? Nothing superficial about feeling good.........Give it a Go...........
Buy something that you would like to keep forever and ever. My philosophy is that it should be a beautiful classic and excellent quality. Mind you, these words will never be engraved on a marble wall on an important state building, but that does not discourage me from putting it out there. Nourishes my soul, and I just want to share with you.

I have had my Hermes Red oversized Kelly for about 15 years. My Hermes riding boots have been with me for about 10 years. These two items make me feel good.......I have so many positive feelings when I carry that purse or wear those boots. I feel at home with them. Normally, I need to refresh my wardrobe regularly with seasonal items. I tire easily with "fashion items". I am sure you feel the same way. Afterall, that is what makes the fashion business so profitable. What is great these days, though, is the "fashion" of mixing expensive and inexpensive. A wonderful concept. An intelligent idea.

My zebra coat is an H&M buy. Bought the same for my daughter Tatiana. Spent about 150 euros on it. My jeans are from J. Crew. So, that makes me feel good, also!!! Did not need to spend much for a few fun things for this season.

Hugs for all of You, Linda

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KatyE. a dit…

Couldn´t agree more!!! When I was young and couldn´t afford to buy too much, I borrowed from my Father´s and Mother´s wardrobe and even my Grandmother´s! That taught me to be creative. I am so proud of having that in my backround! To mix different styles or qualities makes things interesting. How boring it would be if you were all dressed in Hermes from top to toe. I love the fun loving H&M coat with the serious and best of the best made bag and boots! It´s the best of two worlds!

Linda Wright a dit…

KatyE., thank you for your comments. You have made a few, and they are always so very positive and insightful. Love that you borrowed from your father, mother and grandmother's closets. Great resources, great memories. My grandmother was my biggest ally. She raised 6 girls and loved fashion. She ironed clothes for her neighbors to have extra money for dressing her family. I learned fashion sense and work ethics from her.........She formed my life.........I think of her everyday of my life.........and thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. Sending you a hug from St. Tropez......Next Post!!!

KatyE. a dit…

I had to respond to this right away here. It was great to hear of your fashion connection to your grandmother! My grandmother came over to Brooklyn from Norway and she sewed clothing and cleaned for rich women in the city for a living. My mother was always impeccably dressed-as was my grandmother, Jesse (Jessine was her Norwegian name). As a young girl, I inherited all her sewing stuff- the material, all the buttons and her clothes- the coats and dresses. I loved seeing the material bits in her boxes of treasures and seeing them "alive" as finished clothing. It gave me the sense of imagination. I started to sew all the clothes for my Barbie by hand. And it slowly became my dream- to become a fashion designer. But, well, life went differently.
I went to a fashion school and learned how to sew and make patterns to my creations but I was more into creativity that into making them. I was too impatient to sew. So, I went into sales.
Through sales, I experienced Valentino, Versace, Armani, etc. showrooms and it was paradise for me!!!! This opened a world to me that was once unreachable and now so close! It is a life passion for me-fashion- even in a small town in Norway. "Fashion- the relationship between the body and
soul." (hehe- I wrote this quote as an 18 yr. old applying to FIT in NYC.)
I tell you all this because I guess you represent the woman I want to be. I love how you write. I love to see your photos and love your sense of style! Your blog feeds my unquenchable hunger for fashion -(along side of thesartorialist.com!)
Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to write ME! In return and through good thoughts, I wish you well in everything you are and do. I pray that you will always see and feel the best of life so that you will continue to grow, create and inspire everyone around you.
A hug right back at ya from the coastline of southern Norway!
Love, Katy