With Love to My Family

Tatiana's father, Michel on the left and India's father, Francois on the right. Beautiful men the both of them.
Sophie, India's step-mom and a woman I admire.
India and her half- brother, Jules. Oh, yea!!! They do look alike.
Tatiana and her best friend, Isabelle. Inseparable since age 3.
Perhaps most families find themselves around a table for the holidays. This year I found my family around the swimming pool in Marrakech. I feel very fortunate to have succeeded in maintaining a certain harmony and a continuing friendship with my daughters' fathers.
Yes, there are two fathers. That lifetime marriage did not work out for me, but the love and respect is there. These are lifetime values that I cherish.
So, we are a thoroughly modern family. The two men were friends before I knew either of them, and they continue to be friends. Sophie is my daughter India's step-mom, and I love her dearly. She is beautiful, intelligent and one of the most generous and giving individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know.
It was not planned before hand that we would all go to Marrakech. However, as destiny would have it, I found myself surrounded by my beautiful family at this year's end in a far-away place where none of us live. How do these events become reality? Karma, as my Aunt Bec would say.

I wish you the same Karma for the New Year of 2012. May you be surrounded by the love of your families and your friends who are family.

Love to All, Linda

3 commentaires:

Rhiana a dit…

How incredible that you managed to keep harmony in your family! You are a special person and an incredible soul, you really are. I wish you all the best for 2012 because you deserve it more than anyone.
Rhi x

Anonyme a dit…

Linda, vous êtes un exemple magnifique pour tous !
J'admire votre talent d'être tolérant vers vos ex-maris ! C'est beaucoup plus difficile à mon avis, qu'être mariée heureusement..
Bonne Année à vous, vous êtes une vraie FEMME FRANÇAISE !

KatyE. a dit…

Wow! Amazing! Thanks for sharing such true sense of respect and dignity that you all have for each other. This is the essence of a healthy family. Good Karma...that´s why you all seem to glow!
Thank you for your warm wishes for us for 2012! I very much give thanks to having your blog in my life. You give me inspiration in daily life and I thank you for sharing yourself! I feel the love in your life-in everything you do, people you are with, and places you go- all beautiful. And you share gorgeous lifestyle in a manner so humbling, down to earth, and with a sense of whit! I think it´s your LOVE OF LIFE, that is your message to all!
I wish you EVERY THING GREAT for this new year and that you feel appreciated and respected for the great woman you are-HEART AND SOUL!!!
Love, Katy