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I hope this does not sound too ambitious, but in doing my website, I also wanted to give my interested audience a story. That story may change from week to week or month to month (at my rate!!!) or at least when there will be new product arrivals. Don't you think it would be fun to see a "non" model (exception: India, but she is my daughter) and parts of Paris or somewhere else I might be at the moment? Truly, I would like to make it fun and interesting.......and of course, showing you some of my cashmere designs that you might desire to own yourself.

So, I have launched myself into a on going mini-series.........Bare with me through the ups and downs and trials of getting it right or wrong (why not?) Everyone makes mistakes. I hope!!!
Best growing process ever making mistakes and trying again and again and yes, again......

Hopefully, within the month of April, Crimson's Website will be up and running. There will also be a Crimson Facebook page........So, comments will be easily received........

Just a preview for all of you loyal blog followers:

The girls are wearing The Famous Poncho.......One poncho worn three ways. Seriously, it is a must!!! I usually have at least a dozen colors in shop and they will be on-line.

I love a tulle skirt. To be worn dressed up or dressed down. For those interested, you may have your own. On-line you will be able to send me your length and waist size. They are made here in Paris by one seamstress, with whom I have worked closely with over the years.

For the men.........a beautiful Scottish knit cardigan.........always available in several colors.......
Gentlemen will have an array of sweaters, socks, and beautiful polo shirts.

Hope you are enjoying this sneak preview..........I enjoy showing it to you, as it gives me the feeling that I am advancing!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful week. xx Linda

P.S. By the way, India has just restarted her blog. It had been hacked. Now, why would someone want to do that!!! Such a shame, because she had worked diligently on giving everyone several months of her life as a model.......In Paris and Around the World........so much work out the window. However, as she is not to be daunted by someone's evil act, voila, she is back:


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Judy a dit…

Paris and anywhere else you would like to take us. I Love Paris! When your going forward it's never a mistake just always doing things a little better, but never a mistake. Love everything you do. It always lifts me to higher level of living. I do think I will have to pass on that tulle skirt, but do love that Poncho. Thanks for the sneak peek. I will stay tuned for a complete view with Champagne in hand to celebrate your success in yet another sphere.

KatyE. a dit…

Wow! Loved what Judy wrote here and I second that! The poncho is so practical and lovely! My problem will be what color NOT to order! They look so stylish yet cozy! I am so excited for you and am ultimately inspired!