Gold Green and Grey

Gold is for the gorgeous gold metal tassles that crown the top of the black iron gate surrounding the gardens in the Palais Royale.
Green is for the sage green in my "boyfriends" sweater from Crimson.
Grey, ah, come on, girls, it happens to all of us!!!
What I did not know is that grey hair can be unruly. Since deciding to go "natural" just one year ago.....almost to the day.....I have discovered an oddity. My hair has always just kind of hung there. Now, I have the best of both worlds. The old and the new. My new grey hair gives me the perk I never had before. Body!!! Might not be the case for everyone, but just wanted to share my joy. I will be honest with you, it took me awhile to become courageous and just go for it. I bleached my hair off and on for years. Grey hair....now you see it....now you don't. Good gracious, girl, make up your mind. Either you do or you don't. Guess I just got married......I say I do!!! I so love not having to wonder if those greys are showing through when someone is looking at me. My girls aren't crazy about it......their mother's aging thing I am guessing. Best girlfriend's say, Linda, just cover up the sides. Men seem to navigate their "first glance" just to the grey. Halleluiah, I am celebrating my independence from this drug. Girls, stand up and say
"I don't give a damn.......I no longer take (insert your choice of dye or peroxide)". Now, go out and buy yourselves a little something for your soul from all the money you are saving at the hairdressers. Do not forget...Your hair will love you so much more!!! The others will follow.

Coat Vintage
Sweater Crimson
Scarf Hermes
Corduroy Jean Current-Elliott
Boots Vivienne Westwood

Girls, I love you already....so do what makes you feel best......Linda

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Judy a dit…

GRAY RIGHTS!!!!!! Yep, I gave up the hair lie many years ago and decided that I was going to stand up for GRAY RIGHTS. Embrace the aging process and just be me to the best of my abilities. YOU GO SISTER!!!! I know my gray hair would look so much better with that vintage coat however.
Loves Ya In the Heart of TEXAS

Reinette a dit…

Ben moi, tout ce que je ne dépense plus chez le biosthéticien capilliculteur, je le dépense chez CRAINSOM....Le gris vous va si bien. Le look toujours parfait avec ces jolies harmonies de couleurs. Il faut dire que le modèle est pretty and Fun.
Have a nice week end et je vous vois la semaine prochaine.
Le manteau vintage est sublime.
Mille bisous.
Mme B.

Laura a dit…

My "complex" is not my grey hair, since I'm only 22, but I just LOVE the way you think... I will try to apply this state of mind to everything in my life... "Do what makes you feel best"...
It's not easy, but I guess it's worth it.

Just... thank you!

PS: sorry for the mistakes, I don't speak english fluently.

Linda Wright a dit…

Laura, your english is perfect, and I have no corrections to make. Your message was a delight for me to read, and I thank you for your generosity of spirit. I would say you should have great success with your life. Being so young and understanding the more essential moments to make for yourself and obviously for others around you.
Big hugs to you, Linda

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Linda!

My daughter wants to be a model...I still dream with her going to the university...I'm desperate

What do you recomend me to do?

Best regards

Linda Wright a dit…

University without a doubt!!!!! Il y a pas de doute.
Most important for each and every child in this world is furthering their education. She is very lucky that you are there to provide that opportunity for her.
I have seen both worlds and I know for SURE she should go to school and get a diploma.
Hugs to a caring Mom from a caring Mom, Linda

Anonyme a dit…

What is the difference between Crimson and eric bompard???

Love ur blog

Anonyme a dit…

Love your natural beauty! When I first saw your blog (came here from your Sartorialist comment), I thought you must be French, because an American woman would dye her hair blond. Ha! glad I was wrong.

Mme B a dit…

Madame B est contente de voir qu'il y a de plus en plus de monde sur ce blog YOUPIIIIII

Linda Wright a dit…

Linda to anonyme: Difference between Crimson and Eric Bompard? I produce in Scotland. Eric BOMPARD
produces in China. Qualilty is in the provenance of the yarn. Scottish yarn is known for its length, hence less peeling. More costly but certainly worth the extra investment which guarantees longer wear. It does not get any better than Scottish cashmere in my opinion and in the opinion of my clientel.
Hope to see you soon in Crimson.
Thanks for your interest. Best regards, Linda


Gorgeous post! Love it...

Marguerite a dit…

You're very elegant and grey hair looks really great one you !
I hope I will have this attitude and elegance when I will be older

And thank you for your beautiful blog

caroline nie a dit…

Salut Linda,

So so thrilled to get your message!!!!The wedding was perfect! I mananged to finish the presentation on the dot. And the good news my client is flying me back to HK next week for the final interview;-)

I adored your style and also I have a crisis in dealing with my greying....to dye or not to dye.......I think I will not bother from now....since I am married...no no...actually my husband prefers me just natural no fuss.

Just saw someone ask the difference between Crimson and Eric Bompard.
Although I have not been to your shop yet but just reading your blog. I can say there is no comparison!!!

Crison is Linda Wright! Just like your style with such flair and fine details plus all are produced in Scotland.Not only the hair,yarn twist the other most important factory in cashmere is in the wash.
Water the key factor.

I will try my best to start my blog that I don't seem to be able to do....also I am planning to make my own website.

I will keep you posted on the progress ......

Love from Tokyo

KatyE. a dit…

OMG, you are GORGEOUS! And an inspiration!