Getting Started

Girls, this is the story. I am an american and have lived in Paris for 30 years.
Am in the fashion business........cashmere to be exact........and would like to
invite you to join me in my daily life of running a business, parenting two
daughters (17 and 26) and living in the City of Light. You will become acquainted
with my daily routine.........I will let you enjoy the buying of fresh fruit at the market,
going to my favorite boulangerie.......deciding on my outfit for the days work in my
design office and in my boutique. I will let you see my daily decisions for lunch in
Paris. Almost always the same!!! I shall present you with tons of pictures........
people, places and things.

See you tomorrow?

2 commentaires:

Gene a dit…

Nice start on your blog Linda. Can't wait for the updates.

KatyE. a dit…

Love your blog! Was just in Paris for the 2nd time this past October with my traveling women´s group.
Love the fact that you are an American living in Paris and that you are in the fashion world. You run your own shop-wonderful! You are stylish and elegant and ageless! I love your humor and the fact that you mix torn jeans with Chanel or Cashmere. -And that you have raised daughters.
I have been commenting a lot of what you write-even though it was written back in June 2010, but I am not crazy, just a typical New Yorker with an attitude like what I say (or write) maybe matters.
Keep up the good work! And best of luck in all that you create!